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Indie Movie Review – The Faceless Man

Wow… well… I’m almost speechless. That was pretty atrocious. Anyway, a review… I try to find something I like in a film I’m reviewing, but this one was hard! To start with, The Faceless Man didn’t seem to know what it was… gangster, revenge, horror, family drama, small-town vigilante, gore fest… it seemed to wander […]


Indie Movie Review – Redwood Massacre: Annihilation

Happy Halloween! To start with, I have to say although Redwood Massacre: Annihilation is a direct sequel to 2014’s The Redwood Massacre, I haven’t actually seen it. Next, I have to say that I’m not a fan of the slasher genre, but I can put that aside and give it a whirl for this review. […]


Indie Movie Review – The Dinner Party (2020)

I was quite looking forward to seeing The Dinner Party after I saw the trailer and, to be honest, I wasn’t disappointed. It all revolves around the titular dinner party, which is being held by some local power brokers. A playwright, who wants his latest effort produced, has come along with his wife to try […]

Indie Movie Review: Love In Dangerous Times – A CoVid Rom Com

Now, before the shouts of “there’s the bandwagon, get on board quick” start, let’s just be honest and admit we all knew that a whole pandemic/COVID-19/lockdown-themed genre would be arriving before too long. Love In Dangerous Times isn’t the first one that I’ve seen though; that honour goes to the brilliant Staged, starring the magnificent duo that […]

Exclusive Interview with Actor Heath C. Heine — Star of Monster Force Zero & Jurassic Thunder

This versatile actor is worth hunting down: we’ll see more of Heath Heine soon. In Jurassic Thunder alone he has three roles (one of which is a certain orange President), and in Monster Force Zero he’s clearly channeling Biff (Back to the Future. Duh. Hello, McFly!) We were honored to have a little chat with […]


Indie Movie Review – Attack Of The Demons — it’s animated and it’s horror! Why isn’t this done more?

I seem to always start off by saying that I’m probably the worst possible person to be writing the review and this is no exception. I’ve said often enough that I’m not one of your rabid horror fans but I’ll usually watch one with minimal prompting. So… ghosts? OK. Vampires? Don’t mind if I do. […]

Where to watch Alien Addiction, directed by Shae Sterling

Typical… you wait ages for talented, New Zealand based film directors with an offbeat sense of humour — and then three come along at once! First there was Peter Jackson. Now he’s synonymous with anything Tolkienesque, but way back in the days of VHS tapes he was the master of the comedy/horror/sci-fi genre; check out […]


New Movie Review – Pixie

This was a spur of the moment decision. Whilst sitting in the cinema yesterday (Thursday) I saw a trailer for Pixie and, as I had nothing planned for the next day thought I’d book tickets on the way out. I can hear you all now saying, “You dull bugger, that’s why they show trailers!” …But […]

There isn't anything extra during, or after, the end credits.

Is there anything extra during the end credits of Pixie?

No, there are not any extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Pixie. View details and movie information…

New Movie Review – I Am Woman

I Am Woman is a biopic, but not just of Helen Reddy. It is also a biography of the Women’s Movement. We start in 1966 when Helen (Tilda Cobham-Hervey) arrives in New York with her daughter and US$230, after being told she’d won a recording contract. She turns up for her meeting with the oleaginous […]

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