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How fans can help support RunPee without spending a dime

There is no question the RunPee app has the very best fans of any app out there. Consider, how many apps can even claim to have “fans”? I get emails from RunPee fans all the time who tell me they share the RunPee app with everyone: friends, family, sometimes complete strangers at the theater. I wish I could express how much the RunPee Family appreciates your support. We don’t have the budget for advertising, so we rely on our fans to spread the word about Peetimes.

Word of mouth is the best advertising money can’t buy.

That said, if you would like to do more to help the RunPee Family, here’s a list of suggestions:

Submit an App Review

Let others know just what you think about the RunPee app. Good app reviews in Google Play and the App Store are crucial to increasing downloads. We really appreciate you taking the time to offer your opinion.

Social media sharing in the RunPee app

In case you didn’t already know, there are a lot of features in the RunPee app you can use to share on any social media, or email, SMS, whatever you wish.

Anything Extra

Anytime you tap on the Anything Extra button to see the details, there’s an option to share that information. We give this information away for free for a reason: to help promote the RunPee app.



Peeple’s Poll

If you don’t already, please consider voting in the Peeple’s Poll in the RunPee app, and sharing the results on social media. My hope is that in the next few years it may grow to the same popularity as RottenTomatoes. In my mind, it’s a much better poll than any other out there.

I’ll admit the Peeple’s Poll isn’t as intuitive as other rating systems, but that’s also its strength. With the Peeple’s Poll you can see not only the After-movie-rating but also the Expectation-rating. This gives you an idea of how good/bad people think a movie is, compared to their expectation of its quality. Best of all, the Peeple’s Poll not only gives you the overall results, but also breaks the results down by your age and gender. For instance, if you’re a 35 year old woman, you can see what other women your age think about a movie. How neat is that?

When you view the Peeple’s Poll, whether you vote or not, you can easily share the results.


To Infinity and Beyond!

If you would like to go the extra mile, then consider contacting your local news channels. I wouldn’t have ever thought of this except that a RunPee fan actually informed me she called up her local TV news channel — I forget which one — and told them about RunPee, and they actually did a short segment about the RunPee app on-air! How awesome is that? If you have a favorite news source, consider letting them know about RunPee.


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