RunPee’s “Anything Extra” Feature – The Details About End Credits Scenes

Briefly, extra scenes include:

  • The traditional extra scene that hints at what might be involved in the next movie of a series.
  • Bloopers, interviews, etc.
  • Photos from the movie or real life events.
  • Sound effects outside of the music.
  • On screen text that doesn’t relate to the credits.
  • Simply put: an extra is anything that isn’t just the standard rolling credits.

How does RunPee’s ‘Anything Extra’ end scene feature work?

Anything Extra buttonWhile the button displays if there is/isn’t anything extra sometimes the answer is more complicated than that. The “extra” might be something simple, that really isn’t worth sticking around for, or there might be more than one extra scene included — which is becoming more and more common. You certainly don’t want to wait for an extra scene 2 minutes into the credits and then leave only to find out that there was another extra scene later on. So, just press the button and we’ll give you all the details we can, without spoiling anything. Plus, you can find out how long the credits run for.

Here’s an example of the Anything Extra information for Deadpool 2:

Anything Extra Details

Great! But what counts as an extra scene?

This is a question that’s perplexed us for years. Most of the time it’s very clear if there is, or isn’t, an extra scene. But there’s a lot of middle  ground, with people wondering, “Did that count as something extra? What about this little thing?”

After years of debating, this is what we use as a guideline for deciding if a movie has anything extra: if there is anything at all other than the standard rolling credits and music, then that counts as Something Extra.

For a long while we tried to offer our best judgement about extras, and didn’t consider really simple things, like strange sounds, or odd graphics, to be extras. But invariably we would be corrected by RunPee fans who would say, “OMG, that odd sound effect at the end of the credits has to do with such-and-such and gives us a clue who the villain will be in the sequel. You’d know this if you read the comic.”

Title Credits: the exception

Title Credits are those “fancy” credits that sometimes run for about the first two minutes after a sci-fi, fantasy, animated, or superhero movie. Those don’t count as an extra, since they don’t advance the plot — usually. If the Title Credits deliver something additional to the story then we might count that as an extra.

Bonus scenes before the credits are not mentioned, since we assume you are still in your seat.

So…the short answer:

If there’s so much as a “Boo!” during, or at the end of the credits, then we count that as an extra. Our fans let us know if we missed anything at all, even if it’s just a dedication to someone in the cast or crew.

Here’s the most important part you need to know:

We describe the Extras in detail — without spoiling anything —  and tell you if they’re worth waiting for. Some people use the RunPee app just for our Extras feature!

We see movies on opening night and there have been occasions that there wasn’t anything extra in our viewing, but later viewings did have extras, and in a few cases there have been extras, but only for the opening night premiers. (I think Hollywood is just messing with us sometimes.)

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