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Q: My phone doesn’t vibrate before each Peetime when the built in Timer is running.

A: There are many things that can interfere with the functioning of the Timer notifications, but ultimately, it is almost always due to an issue with your phone not giving the RunPee app the proper permissions. You can go into your device settings and check the permissions for the RunPee app, making sure it is allowed to send notifications and vibrate your phone. Or, you can just uninstall the app, and then reinstall it. That almost always fixes the problem.

Q: Why isn’t the movie I’m about to see listed in the RunPee app?

A: We view all wide release movies that come out in the USA, and as many limited release movies as we can. But, we can’t see all limited releases — there are way too many — and even if we do add a limited release, we can’t watch it until it’s in a theater near us. Our general policy is to view all movies that show at our local AMC theaters, limited or otherwise.

Q: Why don’t you have Peetimes available for movies before they are released?

A: You have no idea how much this bothers us. I wish we could consistently get access to movie screenings — perhaps someday. But until then the best we can do is wait for the movie to come out and see the earliest possible showing. This usually happens on Thursday afternoon/night, which means we’ll have Peetimes posted around 11:00 PM that night, give or take a few hours.

Sometimes, if there are lots of movies coming out, we may have to see some of them on Friday. We prioritize seeing what we expect to be the most popular ones first, saving the less popular movies for Friday.

We do have one professional movie reviewer available to us — Shanee Edwards. She can get Peetimes for films before they come out, but I can’t afford to send her to a movie every week. We save her for the biggest blockbusters.

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