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Indie Movie Review – Monochrome: The Chromism

To be brutally frank Monochrome: The Chromism is a bit of a mess. Incidentally, I have to refer to this film by its full name, Monochrome: The Chromism, as there’s a 2016 film called Monochrome which is a totally different story. Anyway, Monochrome: The Chromism starts off with a chap driving cross country, walking through a battlefield, by a wrecked building, across […]

Movie Review – Enola Holmes

When you have an idea as original as Sherlock Holmes you expect it to get milked for all it’s worth and, unsurprisingly, that’s what’s happened. The Guinness Book of Records has listed Holmes as the most portrayed literary human character in film and television history, with more than 75 actors playing the part in over […]


Indie Movie Review – Homewrecker

Homewrecker was a bit of a change for me… the first independent film I’d seen that had people in it that I’d seen before!  Alex Essoe, who played Michelle, was in Doctor Sleep (as Wendy Torrance no less!) and Precious Chong, who played Linda, had been in L.A. Confidential and Pearl Harbor. Besides those two, there […]


Indie Documentary Review – Red, White & Wasted

For the first ten minutes or so of Red, White & Wasted I was expecting to realise that this was a satire but — while that feeling never fully went away — I did realise that these were real people actually sharing their lives with us. So Red, White & Wasted is the story of […]

Indie Movie Review – I’ll Be Around

I’ll Be Around starts off like so many films, with a scene showing a band on stage and about to start, and then cutting to a scene with a card saying: A few hours before showtime.  Now I know the theory behind this trope is to build up a sense of excitement and anticipation but, […]

Documentary Review: Rom Boys – 40 Years Of Cool

Cards on the table… I enjoy a good documentary. But then comes the sticky question… what makes a good documentary? That it has to be well made and entertaining, so that you want to spend the time watching it is a given, but what moves things to the next level is when there is a […]

Indie Movie Review – Jurassic Thunder

Fancy something totally bizarre and ludicrous? Jurassic Thunder is your baby! So you have a secret base with weaponized dinosaurs… I’ll just let that sink in for a second.  As if dinosaurs weren’t scary enough, imagine a T-Rex with a huge gun strapped to its head. Then, they are your last line of defense and […]

Indie Movie Review – Monster Force Zero

Sometimes you see a poster, a trailer, or a bit of blurb and just think “Yes! Give me a ticket!”. Actually, I think that’s kind of the point… ah well, excuse me having a senior moment! Anyway, Monster Force Zero is such a film. I’ll say from the start that I’m not a CosPlayer. Not […]

Hobbitses – A Tolkien history – Behind the Lord of the Rings in epic fantasy films

  Typical! Wait decades for a film with hobbits in, and six come along at the same time! At least, that’s how it felt. Like many teens of the time, I had my copy of the single volume paperback edition of The Lord Of The Rings, shortly after it was first published in 1968, having […]

Exclusive Interview with Alien Addiction writer/director Shae Sterling

Rob Williams, our “RunPeep” in the United Kingdom, had a chance to do an interview with Alien Addiction writer/director Shae Sterling. Alien Addiction (Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi ) won Best Picture at the Florence Film festival, and Shae won Best First Time Director at the Kosice International Monthly Film Festival. Rob Now then about Alien Addiction. […]

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