Indie Movie Review – Roadkill

When an invitation to view a pre-release screener drops into my mailbox I take a look at the accompanying material so I can get an idea of what I’m in for. This one said that Roadkill “takes us on a wild journey along the dark, dangerous, and seemingly never-ending roads of the Australian outback”. This […]

Fast & Furious – A RunPee Hub

Nope, this isn’t about my writing technique. This is about Universal Picture’s biggest franchise and, at the time of writing, the eighth highest grossing film series with a combined gross of over $6 billion.  What’s it all about? Basically it is a whole franchise based on a live action version of those car racing games […]

Indie Movie Review – Boon

I was sent Boon to review so I watched it. Afterwards I had a look at the IMDb page. While on there I had a quick look at the reviews that had been posted and saw that there were quite a few in the one or two star range with comments that couldn’t be much […]

Movie Review – Still: A Michael J Fox Movie

I’ll be honest, prior to Back To The Future, I hadn’t heard of him. I guess that I was on the wrong side of the Atlantic to catch any of the numerous TV appearances that he had made from 1978 onwards. Furthermore, I’ll be even more brutally honest and say that, apart from the other […]

One Hub To Rule Them All, One Hub To Find Them…

Here in RunPee Towers we are known for our thousands of articles: reviews, essays, blockbuster predictions, and biographies. Then, when we get a few on a common topic we like to make a hub so that it is a bit easier to find all our words of wisdom. And now we have reached the point […]

With Great Power Comes Another Hub

Spider-Man has proven to be one of the most entertaining and enjoyable sub-threads of the whole Marvel franchise. This is quite a feat given that he’s been in a dozen films so far and portrayed by seven actors. Maybe it is because most of us start to read comic books in our pre to mid […]

The RunPee DC Hub

It’s one of those old, old questions…Mods or Rockers, City or United, Marvel or DC? Recent years have seen the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the ascendent but DC haven’t actually been dragging their heels. To be honest, there are an awful lot of films and TV series, both live action and animated. Let’s see if […]

To Boldly Go Where No Blog Has Gone Before…

Star Trek is one of those franchises which seems to have been around, almost, forever.  My mother ordered our first ever colour television set in time for her to watch Princess Anne getting married to Captain Mark Phillips back in 1973. When it arrived the first programme we saw was Star Trek: Season 1 , […]

Marvel-ous! RunPee’s Marvel Hub

Ah…Marvel. Say that and everybody, nowadays, thinks of the MCU. However, in the eighty plus years that it has been around it has proven to be a lot more than just that. In 1939 Timely Comics was established. Within a decade that was to become Magazine Management/Atlas Comics. In 1961 it rebranded itself yet again. […]

May The Fifth Be With You

Many years ago I had a novelty calendar. The conceit of it was that every day of the year was a a holiday celebrated somewhere by some group of people. By claiming affinity with those groups you could claim every day of the year as a holiday. All it did was find obscure occasions to […]

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