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Christmas Classic First Watch Review – Stalag 17 (1953)

Now, before we get too far into this, let me make one thing clear. This is, most definitely, a film set at Christmas rather than a Christmas film. However, the remit was to include every film that has a Christmas tree, Christmas card, a red nosed reindeer, or mentions Christmas. Stalag 17 is set in […]

Scrooge, A Christmas Carol, And How Dickens Invented Christmas

Christmas is a special time here in RunPee Towers. As well as trying to get the definitive list of Christmas films, non-Christmas Christmas films, and modern takes on an old story, we also have a soft spot for the Dickens classic A Christmas Carol. Fortunately, for people like us who are keen to make lists, […]

Movie Review – Belfast

Sometimes things things just fall into place in a nicely convenient way. I was part way through writing one of my short biography pieces, this time about Judi Dench. I’d seen quite a few of her films and a number of interviews with her on TV, usually thanks to Graham Norton! However, I hadn’t seen […]

Rewatch Review – Calendar Girls

During this autumn I’ve had the pleasure of hosting RunPee Jilly. She had had enough of sunny San Diego and came to stay in wet and windy Wallasey for a bit. This time of year, we’re only allowed forty two minutes of sunshine a day so, as you might guess, we’ve spent a lot of […]

Indie Movie Review – Dear Elizabeth (2022)

Who amongst us hasn’t had a crush on someone? It might be someone who is actually a part of your daily life or, as in Dear Elizabeth, it could be someone who you can only worship from afar. I have to admit that I have an enormous soft spot for Victoria Coren Mitchell for a […]

Christmas Movie Review – Spirited

Same as buses! Wait ages for one and then they all start to arrive at once. So it is with Christmas films. Last week I had a look at Christmas In The Caribbean and now I have to add another to our Christmas film hub…Spirited. Apple Studios have produced a new adaptation of A Christmas […]

Movie Review – Living

Not every remake of a Japanese film has to be a horror, sci-fi, or action story. Godzilla, The Ring, and The Magnificent Seven may be the best known English language remakes of Japanese films but they don’t have to be loud, brash, and adrenaline fuelled to be considered for a language switch remake…Living proves the […]

Indie Movie Review – The Scottish Play

Let’s face it…films are supposed to be enjoyable. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I haven’t done any real research but my guess is that most audiences tend to be fairly evenly divided by those who find Shakespeare enjoyable and those who don’t. Some were put off by having to learn it in school, some were […]

Christmas Indie Movie Review – Christmas In The Caribbean

And so it rolls around again…Christmas! I can’t complain too much though; I’ve already seen three houses with their trees up and Asda have had mince pies on sale since September.  Hell’s teeth, hot cross buns are on sale! I know that a lot of people take the completion of Halloween as the starting pistol […]

Best Of British Biographies – Leslie Phillips

Yet again I have my rigorously scheduled writing plans thrown to the wind by another death. Believe it or believe it not, I do plan these things! This time it is not such a surprise though. Leslie Phillips CBE was ninety eight years old and had been ill for some time. Perhaps he isn’t as […]

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