The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

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Steven Blackman

Steven Blackman, PhD. is a New York-based, accomplished consultant in the professional services industry.  As an executive assessment and development expert, he consults with organizations, worldwide in many areas, including finalist/selection, succession, promotion, and high-potential identification. As an executive coach, he partners with executives in confidential engagements focused on accelerated development through leveraging strong relationship-building skills, intuitive insights, and quantifiable assessment data.

So, as his occupation drew him to the business world, where does his interest in becoming a “Peep” come from?  In his free time, he greatly enjoys watching movies in the theatre, be they blockbusters, independent films, or just a good old-fashioned comedy.  Many years ago, when he lived in Los Angeles while completing his studies, he had a “side hustle” by doing stand-in and extra work with major motion picture studios and rubbing elbows with famous actors, many who still are household names to this day. At this time, he became enamored with the making of movies and the challenges of bringing a movie concept to life.  While he chose not to move into the acting profession full-time even though he had completed multiple theatre and film courses, his strong and unwavering passion for film ensured that he would be a movie-lover for life.

Steven is delighted to be a “Peep-in-Training” and hopes that you will find his Pee-Times to be both helpful and useful.  To be sure, he fully appreciates the need to jump out of the theatre whether it be for a “bio break” or an unexpected text from a loved one or “boss”