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The RunPee app is much more than just Peetimes.

Many consider the RunPee app “the” essential movie app, because it does so much more than just give you the best moments to Run and Pee during a movie:

  • Built in Timer so you can enjoy using the RunPee app during a movie without disturbing those around you.
  • Anything Extra in the end credits? We’ll let you know the details: exactly when the extra scene(s) are shown, how long they last, are they worth waiting for, and how long the credits last, etc.
  • Peeple’s Poll: the definitive movie rating system that will tell you how people like a movie compared to their expectations, plus break down the ratings by gender and age, so you’ll know what people in your specific demographic think about a movie.
  • Movie News and reviews: content related to the movie you’re seeing, and more.
  • IMDb and RottenTomatoes: quick access directly to the movie you’ve selected at and
  • 3D movie quality: wondering if a movie is worth viewing in 3D? See what other RunPee users have to say about it.

From the movie “Nobody”.

(What counts as anything extra? Good question. Read more here.)