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Troubleshooting RunPee Timer

For the majority of users, the RunPee Timer functions exactly as expected. But there are always those rare cases where things don’t go as planned. The good news is that the Timer has been used hundreds of thousands of times and all of the bugs have been ironed out long ago. The bad news is that the Timer relies on the phone’s operating system to deliver notifications. That’s the weak link that sometimes fails. Below is a list of problems and their solutions for addressing this issue.

Problems with Samsung Galaxy phones

One user had an issue that the notifications wouldn’t display until he unlocked his phone. I found this article: How To Fix S10 Notification Problems After Android 10 Update. This user found that the Runpee’s battery setting (in the OS settings) was “Optimised”. He changed that to “Unrestricted” and the notifications worked properly after that.

Contact RunPee Support

If you’re still having problems with the Timer notifications, or anything else regarding the RunPee app, then please contact [email protected]. It’s best if you use the Contact Support option in the RunPee app to contact me because that will automatically give me information to help problem solve your issue.

Find Contact Support: from the Home/Movie List screen, tap the menu icon at the top-right.