The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

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Jill Florio

Jill Florio sees geeky movies by preference: science fiction, fantasy, dystopias, apocalyptic disasters, and action movies…with thrillers and comedies following somewhat behind (since she does have to fight Dan for the best nerd fare).

Jill runs non-tech operations, and pursues the research and marketing aspects of the RunPee family business. She manages the Facebook page, edits all the Peetimes and Reviews, and industriously writes what needs to be writ. She is happy to add that she dreamt up the idea for RunPee WITH Dan, at a screening of Peter Jackson’s King Kong, discussing her desire to tell the queuing people to run and pee during that completely unnecessary, grotesque Valley of the Bugs scene. Of course, since she has no coding skills at all, it was left entirely to Dan to make the app a reality. He turned a good – but somewhat casual – idea into a living entity. And what a sweet spot of useful and amusing goodness it turned out to be!

While Jill’s degree is in Conservation Biology from Prescott College in AZ – and she spent over a decade as a wilderness educator – she later turned to work as a newspaper journalist, radio DJ, symphony marketing director, blogging instructor, and novel editor. She was the co-founder and Editor in Chief of the award-winning Mused Literary Journal, and spent many years as the teaching manager both for BellaOnline Magazine and She also worked on a ranch, and founded a feral cat rescue project. She’s done much, and then inexplicably nothing at all, for a long,weird time. Her next projects will involve what she loves best: creative, lifelong learning…and, naturally, being a geek.