Movie Info

Here’s a breakdown of everything you need to know about the Movie Info Screen.

Most importantly, if you want to get straight to the Peetimes for the selected movie, then Press the big button at the very top.

Tap on the movie poster and you can quickly view details, such as:

•  the movie rating: G, PG, PG-13, etc.
•  a rating description: a brief description of why the movie has the rating it does, such as for language, nudity, graphic violence, etc.
•  the movie genre, runtime, release date, and if it’s available in 3D.

Is there Anything Extra during, or after, the end credits? If there are extra scenes, you can read the details — such as when the extra scenes appear, how many extras are there, and how long the credits run, etc — at the bottom of the Peetimes Screen.

Other Great RunPee features:

  • Our Peeple’s Poll is a unique take on movie ratings. Not only can you see how other RunPee fans voted, and add your own vote, but you can also see specific results from people of your own gender and roughly the same age. Plus, we provide the opportunity to submit a Pre-movie vote (you will need to use the silent Peetime Cue  Timer – give it a try) so you can see how a movie does, compared to expectations.
  • Our personally written Movie Reviews. We’re not professional reviewers, but we do see a lot of movies and have our weekly, very personable opinions. Fans enjoy reading them! We do our best to give you the information you need, to decide if you want to see the movie or not, without giving away spoilers. If there are spoilers, you’ll be informed beforehand, so you can choose to read them or not.

If you find yourself sitting in the movie theater, waiting for the movie to start, why not pass the time reading through the Featured Content written by the RunPee Family? Read interesting news about the movie you’re about to see (no spoilers), or take a trivia quiz, or find out what’s coming soon in Movie News. All good stuff.

•  Jump to the cast and crew of the selected movie at IMDb or read reviews at RottenTomatoes.

•  Plus other useful film goodies:  Our 3D Quality User Poll, and the sign up service for email alerts when a movie is available on DVD.

  • Share your movie ratings on almost any platform on the Internet. With a ton of icon rating options to choose from, and pretty movie posters automatically included. We make it easy to share the good word about your movie ratings, end credits information, or which Peetime you used.