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Christene Johnson

Here with my baby granddaughter Savannah

Gets peetimes for most of the horror movies.

Hi there movie fans. This is RunPee Sis…aka Christene Johnson. We’ll start this bio with a little history. I was born in 1973, in Tucson, Arizona. I met my husband in that sultry desert and have now been happily married for twenty-three years. Together we spawned our very own miniature version of us. She is a little bit evil and a little bit sweet. Our daughter is now twenty-one years old and she has just become a proud parent also. She gave us the most amazing granddaughter ever! Everyday I get to see all the new and incredible things that this baby is doing. All of the years of struggle and torment raising a child comes full circle when you get to see your child with their child. It is truly a beautiful thing.

Our home is an interesting mix of personalities. Last year we found a large house in Sanford, Florida and decided to bring the whole family together. Within these four walls resides myself, my husband, my daughter, our granddaughter, my brother, and my Mom. The entire RunPee family really does live under one roof. In addition to the six humans that live here we have three cats, two dogs, and a ferret. The partridge in the pear tree flew away. We all do really well together. Most of the time. Except when my brother leaves cabinet doors open and I hit my head on them. Then I squirt him with the water bottle that he squirts my cats with. Fun times.

Over the last few years I have noticed that my taste in movies has changed. When my brother first created RunPee I happily saw every horror movie that came out. They were my favorite since I could talk. Now however, I don’t really get excited over them. It’s few and far between that a scary movie gives me something that I haven’t seen a million times. There are maybe a few a year that I walk away feeling satisfied with. They need some new ideas. I’ll never give up on them though. It’s a habit I can’t break. Especially now that I get paid to see them.

Working for my brother has turned out quite nicely with the exception that I can never call in sick and play hooky, seeing as how we live together. He has great ideas and really tries his best to give the RunPee users the greatest experience they can get. He is constantly coming up with new ideas to improve the app.

So all in all, life is pretty darn amazing. I have a terrific family and a great job. No complaints here unless I have to see a sci-fi movie, then I’m full on crabby mode for an entire week. I want to thank all of you for using the app and if you have any wishes or concerns let RunPee Dan know and I can assure you that he will take care of it. If he doesn’t Facebook me and I’ll put a snake in his bed, he is comically afraid of them. I’ll post pictures and it’ll be a good time. Now go RunPee!