The app that tells you the best time to Run & Pee during a movie so you don’t miss the best scenes.

Try it for free (Learn more.)

Try it for free (Learn more.)

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Movie List Screen (Home)

RunPee Movie List Screen (Home)
The most recent 3-5 popular movies get featured at the top of the movie list so that they will be easy for users to find. Below is a list of all recent movies in the database in chronologically descending order. If a user can’t find a movie on the list they can easily search for it.


Movie Details Screen

This is the first screen a user sees after selecting a movie. From here they can quickly discover if there is Anything Extra during the end credits, read our movie review, view the results from the Peeple’s Poll, and view the IMDb and RottenTomatoes web pages for this specific movie. To view the Peetimes for a movie the user just taps the large gold button at the bottom of the screen.

Peetimes Screen

This is the top of the Peetimes screen where users can read a short message about the Peetimes for this movie from the Peep who worked on them. Then there’s the prominent button for the Timer which most users use.


Peetime Details Card

The Peetime Details Card lays out the necessary info that the user needs. The time that the Peetime begins, plus how long it is. And importantly, the cue they should look for as the Peetime begins. There’s also a brief message “About this Peetime” to give users the gist of what they’ll miss if they use this Peetime. Finally, the Read Synopsis button takes them to a screen where they can read a summary of exactly what happened during this Peetime.


Alert Peetime

Alert Peetime Card
Alert Peetimes inform users if there is about to be a scene of violent sex, torture, or animal cruelty.

RunPee Synopsis Screen

We do our best to provide a concise summary of what happened during this Peetime so that users will be all caught up by the time they return to their seat.


Start Timer Screen

RunPee Start Timer Screen
We provide a visual cue that the user can use to start the Timer so that we are all on the same page.


Timer Running Screen

Timer Running
While the Timer is running a user can quickly glance at the screen to see how much time there is until the next Peetime.


Anything Extra

Not everyone needs to run and pee during a movie, but everyone needs to know if there is, or isn’t, anything extra during the end credits.


Anything Extra Details

Anything Extra Details
We go beyond answering the “Anything Extra” question with a yes/no. We go into detail, without spoilers, to let you know if there is something worth sticking around for and when it will be shown so you know when it’s safe to leave the theater.