Indie Movie Review – The Devil’s Heist

I have a confession to make:  I love the Devil.  Okay, not the real Devil.  But I love the way actors portray him in film.  Whether it’s James Woods in Disney’s Hercules or Peter Stormare in Constantine or Tim Curry in Legend, I’m a sucker for a smooth portrayal of Satan.  Ever since Milton wrote Paradise […]

Exclusive Interview With Documentary Producer Darcy Weir – Director of Volcanic UFO Mysteries

I recently had the pleasure of interviewing producer Darcy Weir, whose latest documentary focuses on the relationship between UFO sightings and Latin American volcanoes.  We had a fascinating discussion about UFOs, extraterrestrials, alien abductions, artificial intelligence, the singularity, Space X, secret space programs, nuclear weapon issues, underground military bases, crop circles, and so much more. Weir […]

Indie Movie Review – In Corpore

The sensual new film In Corpore explores the complexity of relationships.  It’s the type of movie Hollywood used to make once upon a time.  A mature film with adult themes made by and for adults.  I had high hopes for the movie going in, but it fell short of them. What’s good about In Corpore […]

Indie Review – Vinyl Generation

  In 1980s Czechoslovakia, rock ‘n roll was basically outlawed.  The documentary Vinyl Generation starts with two survivors from that time comparing record albums and telling stories about how they used to have to go to the woods to trade records.  Even then, they might get busted by police informers in disguise.  People would get […]

Indie Review-Beast Mode

Beast Mode is a hidden gem of a horror film.  It stars former child actor C. Thomas Howell.  His comedic performance makes the whole film. What’s Good About Beast Mode This is a solid horror-comedy.  And if you’re looking for something that’s light on gore, this is a great pick.  It also has some good […]

Indie Movie Review – Climate of the Hunter

Vampire movies can be a lot of fun.  Some of my favorites include Dracula (Bela Lugosi version), Twilight, 30 Days of Night, the underrated Vampire Academy, and What We Do in the Shadows.  You can read my review of Fright Night here.  Climate of the Hunter is an indie take on the vampire story.  It’s […]

Indie Movie Review – Volcanic UFO Mysteries

UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, are a staple of sci-fi films.  From the White-House-destroying ship in Independence Day to the possibly more benevolent aliens in Close Encounters of the Third Kind to the terrifying alien abduction in Fire in the Sky.  (Okay, that last one’s based on a true story.)  But what if UFOs are […]

All the Bands and Albums featured in Vinyl Generation

The new documentary Vinyl Generation features a ton of bands and record albums, including many Czechoslovakian rock bands.  Didn’t get a glimpse of that one album when it flashed on the screen?  Trying to figure out what that song was you liked?  I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of every band, song, and […]

Thirst — A New Cult Classic?

The Opening Scene of Thirst NOTE:  The following description is very gross.  Read at your own risk. My niece once got me a bookmark that says, “Don’t judge a book by its movie.”  This, of course, refers to the old adage, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.”  All of which is to say, be […]

Golden Man’s Top 10 Movies of 2020

How do you choose the top 10 movies of 2020? I wish I knew an easy way to choose the top 10 movies of 2020.  But the truth is it’s like trying to pick your favorite child:  there are so precious few of them.  Looking at the “Movies Seen 2020” list on my phone depresses […]

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