Movie Review – The Shift

Movies have a unique ability to provoke profound contemplation on existential and spiritual matters, leading viewers to ponder the concept of God. Filmmakers often use visual and narrative mediums to explore questions about faith, purpose, and the human condition. Whether through allegorical tales, philosophical discussions, or the portrayal of transcendent experiences, movies can catalyze introspection […]

Renaissance A Film by Beyoncé_square


Let me first confess that I am part of the BeyHive! I’ve been a fan since Beyonce’ started in 1997. My daughter’s first name is Destiny. Furthermore, as fate would continue, my wedding photo with Destiny’s dad was included in Jet Magazine with the cover pic of Destiny’s Child. I’m just saying, LOL, I’m a […]


Movie Review – Silent Night

It is an interesting premise: make an action movie without dialog for the main characters. It puts a huge onus on the actors to communicate emotionally without using any dialogue. On that mark, they were pretty successful. However, I feel that they sacrificed the quality of the movie on a stunt, and it would be […]

Godzilla Minus One

Movie Review – Godzilla Minus One

Godzilla Minus One is a perfect blend of mature storytelling with the 50s/60s movie style. Something many disaster/action movies get wrong is trying to incorporate too many characters and their experiences into the action. This movie puts the focus on a small group of people, and specifically one man. The story is beautifully constructed. The characters […]


Movie Review – Wish

Wish was a delightful, enchanting and heart warming story good for all ages. I loved the song choices, they kept the pace up of the movie and added another level of entertainment. This will be a fun afternoon to spend with the family over the holiday weekend. Grade: A About The Peetimes: There are 2 great […]


Movie Review – Napoleon

Boring. I never fall asleep during movies, but I almost nodded off twice during this one. It was a slog to get through. Gladiator is one of my all-time favorite movies and I really hoped this movie would tap into some of that, but wow. Not even close. Acting Joaquin Phoenix is a generational talent, and at first […]

Movie Review – Thanksgiving

I was expecting a lot more from Thanksgiving. I love Eli Roth movies but this one fell flat. I was constantly thinking, “When are we going to see his form?” It never happened. In my opinion, Thanksgiving felt a lot like “I Know What You Did Last Summer,” just not as good, and that’s kinda […]

Movie Review – Dream Scenario

Don’t be fooled by the early trailer for this movie! I was under the impression that it would be more “tame” and “light-hearted” than it is. Make no mistake, while the film has its laughs, it is indeed a dark comedy. As the title suggests, this is truly an “escapist” movie such that it transports […]

Next Goal Wins_square

Movie Review – Next Goal Wins

It’s the worst sports movie I’ve ever seen. The movie didn’t take the subject matter seriously. Taika Waititi admitted in the movie trailer that he know nothing about football. I’m guessing he doesn’t know anything about sports in general. The movie kind of feels like what you’d get from a sports movie if it’s written and […]

Trolls Band Together_square

Movie Review – Trolls Band Together

For such tiny Trolls, these little cuties have a huge hit on their hands. I was not really looking forward to doing the Peetimes on Trolls Band Together. Dreading it is a little closer to how I felt honestly. I’m happy to report that I was wrong. From the very beginning to the end of […]

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