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Every Groundhog Day Type Movie & TV Episode – The Ultimate Repeating Day List

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Here it is: the internet’s top list of every Groundhog Day Loop film or television episode for you to track down and watch (and we add more all the time)

“There is no way that this winter is ever going to end as long as this groundhog keeps seeing his shadow. I don’t see any other way out. He’s got to be stopped. And I have to stop him.”

Groundhog Day is February 2nd in the US, and it’s a truly bizarre national holiday. The premise: a large rodent might see its shadow, predicting when spring will or won’t come. How does one celebrate this, unless they live in Punxsutawney?

How long does it take to start thinking you are a god? To give up on unique ways to solve the day/kill yourself/become a better person? Does the protagonist live this day only decades, or a few thousand years? (Pay attention and ask yourself how long it would take to master his many skills, become a doctor and master pianist and ice sculptor, or try every form of suicide.)

Groundhog Day Looping

In Groundhog Day, Phil Connors escapes the time loop only when certain conditions are met. We assume this…it’s never stated why he finally moves on to the next day. However, the repeating day motif is not new to this movie, and in each instance, time resets indefinitely until the protagonist finds a way out.

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The movie isn’t even the first film or TV show to feature this theme. Star Trek: The Next Generation did it first, as far as we can tell. A Groundhog Day Story a unique subgenre now, with more than 35 shows to check off, and counting. Our running goal is to review them ALL.

That makes it really fun each year. We get to watch something with a distinct “Groundhog Day theme” every year on February 2nd. Now you can too.

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Let’s take a running look at TV shows and movies using the Groundhog Day theme

Links go to RunPee’s own movie/show reviews. We hope to get them all reviewed eventually. One of these Groundhog Days we will! If we haven’t added some kind of commentary, we haven’t seen it. This is not in any order at this time, but I might reorganize it by year eventually. Feel free to let us know what shows we’ve missed in the comments below. 🙂

  1. Cause and Effect (TV ep, Star Trek, the Next Generation) — 1992: Note the air date before Groundhog Day. Was this the first to do it? Here’s how it starts…right before the teaser ends we get this indelible image: Picard yelling for all hands to abandon the Enterprise. Then it explodes. And keeps on exploding. From there, the mystery never lets up on this superb storytelling. I don’t think any TV episode gave me chills like this before in my young life. It still works.
  2. Groundhog Day — Feature Film (1993): When I Iived a year in the UK, this first-run movie saved my sanity. Long story.
  3. Been There, Done That (TV ep, Xena: Warrior Princess) — 1997: This show could do no wrong in my eyes during its 7-year run. It’s only natural that Xena’s version is funnier than EVERYTHING else on this list. Plus, we’ve got Romeo and Juliette being dorks,  a laundry list of reasons why Xena didn’t bite Gabrielle (great subtext), a name drop of Hercules (and Sinbad), and an adorable cameo by Karl Urban as Cupid. A top ten Xena ep anyone can enjoy.
  4. Run, Lola, Run — Feature Film (1998): Although the movie is a scant eighty minutes, you feel like you’ve been on a journey by the end of it.  Tykwer uses music, sound effects, and editing to make you feel both the pressure Lola is under, and all the ground she is covering. It’s very effective. 
  5. Back and Back and Back to the Future — TV ep, Farscape (1999): set in the mostly benighted season one of an otherwise stellar Sci-Fi show, Back and Back is notable for Crichton’s trying to change the timeline in small ways (breaking Zhan’s sacred mask on purpose, instead of letting time inevitably play out).
  6. Monday (TV ep, The X-Files) — 1999: You don’t think there’s a mystery trope left unexamined in the X-Files 9 year run? Plus the two recent ‘revival’ years? Well, look again. Notable: a guest actor is at the center of the time loop plot, with Mulder and Scully mostly in reaction mode…and it STILL works. A standout during a mostly experimental 7th season.
  7. Life Serial — TV ep, Buffy the Vampire Slayer (2001): In Buffy’s sixth season, “real life” was the Big Bad. Shudders! This episode was a needed dash of fun. The “Trio” are nerdy doofuses with too much power and no real direction. I love everything in this season, and Life Serial is a highlight.
  8. Deja vu All Over Again — TV ep, Charmed (2008): This episode is rather dark in tone. I don’t know this show, but while the witches are well-acted, the two evil-doers are way too hammy to take seriously. Also, too much time is wasted on the prophetic witch’s efforts to prove they are re-living the day. By 2008 audiences don’t need hand-holding like this. We get it. The day repeats. I’m sure Charmed has its fan base, but this is too limply awkward and doesn’t add to the GHD genre.
  9. Mystery Spot (TV ep, Supernatural) — 2008: I really enjoyed this entry to the genre. Mystery Spot features that cool amusing/bemused feel in most GHD loop stories. I didn’t even need to know the characters at all, since it follows the expected tropes so well. What’s new is what exactly happens to reset the loop.
  10.  Source Code — Feature Film– 2011: A soldier wakes up in someone else’s body and discovers he’s part of an experimental government program to find the bomber of a commuter train. A mission he has only 8 minutes to complete. This is pretty gripping stuff.
  11. Edge of Tomorrow (AKA Live. Die. Repeat) — Feature Film —  2014: Exciting, well-acted, and with a gripping jeopardy premise, Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt take what could have been a two-hour slog of repeating action into a believably exciting fresh take on an alien takeover plot. Highly recommended very rewatchable. Also: the theme song Love Me Again deserves a spot on any movie lover’s playlist: lyrics and movie video here. 
  12. Hell is Other People  — TV ep, The Vampire Diaries (2016): I just watched this and was extremely unimpressed. The episode doesn’t stand alone and the looping days don’t seem to come to any kind of resolution, meaningful or not. I suspect that if one watches the entire show it will make better sense. This might be the worst GHD show in the oeuvre. Tell me in the comments below if I’m missing something.
  13. Before I Fall  — Feature Film (2017): A mean girl, teen girl movie with Groundhog window dressing. Meh.
  14. Happy Death Day and the sequel — Feature Film & sequel (2017 & 2019): Imagine relieving your death, over and over? Want to try? Neither do we, but we love this take on it. NEW article: All the clues to the killer in Happy Death Day (Spoilers!)
  15. Hot Mess Time Machine — TV ep, The Mindy Project (2017): A half-hour sit-com type show, as far as I can tell. This episode name-drops Groundhog Day, and one of Mindy’s friends amusingly goes along with the plot with no need for convincing. That’s new. What I liked here was that you don’t need to know anything about this show to follow along and enjoy the premise. Altogether this isn’t a great contribution to the GHD loop genre, it’s a bit of fluffy fun that has a distinctive girl-power tone.
  16. Naked — Netflix film (2017):  Panned on Rotten Tomatoes, but a worthwhile addition to the trope. Naked becomes a frothy fun time once the main character actually finds some clothes.
  17. Dr. Strange  — Feature Film — 2017: I don’t know if this should be included, so I’ll toss it up and let you decide. At the end of the film, Strange wears down his enemy using an infinite time loop of destruction. He could stop it at any point, so it’s not like the other plots. Does this count?
  18. Russian Doll  (2019): An exciting dark comedy Netflix series that’s tonally somewhere in-between Groundhog Day and Happy Death Day.
  19.  Travelers (a good Netflix series) — 2019: A unique take on it and very cool. I love that the character reboots while falling from the sky.
  20. Looper  — Feature Film — 2012:  I just watched this one, and Looper is not a GHD movie. 
  21. Palm Springs — 2020: Palm Springs is deeply existential, frequently whacked, and somehow sweet. I enjoyed every A + minute. Also, dinosaurs!
  22. Premature — (2014) 80s teen movie meets Groundhog Day. It’s fun, comically awkward, and ultimately a little underwhelming. You’ll laugh a few times, but probably won’t be satisfied with the…er…’climax’. Or maybe I expect more from this genre by now.
  23. Triangle — Feature Film (2009): From Rob: A true Groundhog Day time loop film, with a twist in the setup for a worthy addition to the genre. Plus blood, screams, and death. At sea. Update from Jilly: So, I watched Triangle (2009) last night. It’s not really horror — more like a suspense thriller with a mind-bending plot. It has some somewhat gruesome moments, but no jump scares. I have a low tolerance for horror but I found Triangle to be quite excellent. Definitely a GHD film, but extremely interesting in how the loops stack up on top of each other. So many clues start adding up to help you untangle what’s going on. I don’t want to spoil it here, but pay attention to the details, the setting, and the symbolism. I think this must be the most difficult situation a protagonist in a Groundhog Day Loop ever faces. Triangle is a fascinating story and most definitely adds to the GHD genre. I’d give it an A. Also, there are many creepy callbacks to The Shining, which really adds to the fun.Another note: there is an X-Files ep called Triangle that also takes place on an ocean liner and features time travel shenanigans. It’s constructed around very impressive, long panning shots. Recommended, and you don’t need to have prior knowledge of X-Files to enjoy it.
  24. 12:01 – Feature Film (1993): Taking place almost totally in an office setting, drone worker Barry is forced to watch someone he loves die over and over. He can’t seem to stop it, and she barely even knows he’s alive. A light offering with some humor and good use of the time loop premise. Nothing fresh here, but pleasantly watchable. I keep wanting to make a full review out of 12:01, but it’s too mediocre to bother. Currently, you can watch the entire movie free on YouTube. Notable: this film came out the same year as the original Groundhog Day. Which came first? It doesn’t matter, since Star Trek: The Next Generation beats them both by a year.
  25. The Last Day of Summer (We can’t find a version of this online to watch…any suggestions?)
  26. Primer – This is one you have to see more than once to follow the plot…but I’m not sure if this counts as a GHD loop. They loop through time, and repeat the same day ad infinitum, and…well…okay, I suppose it fits. A very thoughtful, slow, intellectual film. Let me know what you think.
  27. Prince of Persia: Sands of Time – Need to rewatch. But I think I remember it qualifies? What do you think?
  28. Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children – What makes this case unique is that the loop is on purpose, with full intent, and no one wants to re-enter the normal timestream. A fun frothy Tim Burton semi-creepfest.
  29. ARQ – Review coming eventually.
  30. “Window of Opportunity”, Episode 6, Season 4 of Stargate SG1 is a fantastic and funny “one-day time loop” story. I just watched this and now I’m interested in adding Stargate onto my watch list. The characters are a huge hoot. Good stuff.
  31. Christmas Do-Over — Feature Film (2006): With Jay Mohr: fun family movie. Underwhelming, boring, and gives nothing new to the franchise. I’m very patient with GHD stories, but this is utterly a waste of space unless you’re very into Hallmark Xmas Specials. If so, you’ll find this a family-friendly clone of Bill Murray’s iconic Groundhog Day film. I would not go out of my way for this one unless you want to watch a ‘family’ version that’s a crowd-pleaser for several generations, with nothing to adult-splain.
  32. Blood Punch — Feature Film (2014): Another film in the Groundhog Day genre. Described on IMDb as a “Horror/Thriller” but it was more of a very dark comedy rom-com!
  33. The Endless — Feature Film (2017): It only just squeaks in as a Groundhog Day type film. Not because there isn’t a time loop; more likely because there isn’t just the one. There seem to be dozens of them. Some only seem to last seconds, whereas others last longer. There is consistency regarding the loops, but I’m not going to divulge what it is, for obvious reasons.
  34. The Map of Tiny Little Things — Feature Film (2021): Does it follow the rules? Is it any good? Should you watch it? Yes, yes, yes!
  35. Boss Level — Feature Film on Hulu (2021): Another perfect, A+ GHD movie. This fantastically fun and funny outing offers a protagonist who dies each day, as in Happy Death Day, but the plot is more like a non-sci-fi  Edge of Tomorrow. Boss Level features a lot of cartoonish, video-game type violence — thus, the ‘levels’.  These time loops never grow old! Get it? Never get old…? (PS: Thank you to RunPee fan Roger Cline for the head’s up on Boss Level.)
  36. The Twilight Zone! Why am I not surprised? Alert reader Tim Bracken told us, “There was a recent Twilight Zone episode starring Topher Grace with a time loop.” Awesome. I can’t wait to check it out.
  37. Retroactive (1997) Kylie Travis & James Belushi. Great film. (Thank you, Djstraycat!)
  38. Star Trek: Discovery — TV episode  — “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad”. Season 1, Episode 7 (2017): Well, every Trek series does a GHD episode. This one is adequate. It wasn’t as amusing as it probably should have been, and I’d recommend going back to TNG’s superb “Cause and Effect” to see Trek GHD done right.
  39. Cougar Town — Season 3, ep 14, “My Life”: Dan Salvino wrote, “It’s not really a loop at all, but people will be interested to know that an episode of Cougar Town had the characters talking about Groundhog Day.” So I just watched this and found it an unusual take on the premise in that there is no actual time loop involved, but the characters “repeat” their day to Courtney Cox’s character to illustrate the meaning in the famous Bill Murray movie. They even rig her alarm clock (the old kind used in the GHD movie) to play “I’ve got you babe” each morning at 6am. I did find this worth watching if only to see the characters mess with the concept. It was cute and stands alone, for the most part.
  40. There was a GHD episode of Early Edition — Season 4, Episode 10: “Run Gary Run”. This was a cute, albeit low-level GHD version of the genre. Seriously, there was little to no sci-fi or fantasy element here. This adds nothing to the genre, but still has a pleasant vibe to it. (Thanks for the head’s up from RunPee fan Robert Hoch.)
  41. Loki “The Nexus Event”  — Season 1, Episode 4 (2021): OMG I can’t wait to watch this one. But I still haven’t been able to see Falcon and Winter Soldier yet. But I bet our Loki has done us proud. UPDATE: After watching the completed Loki Disney+ season 1, I’ll have to say that the Groundhog Day loop effect is only a minor part of the episode. It’s pretty amusing nonetheless. One thing I got from the GHD loop is how Loki could have had an actual, meaningful relationship with a certain Asgardian…if he wasn’t so childish. What he does here is not how you show you like somebody — unless you’re ten years old and don’t know what else to do. Loki’s juvenile actions towards, well, everyone, is what keeps said everyone at bay. Good stuff.
  42. Nebulous Dark — Indie Film (2021): I have yet to watch this, but I have the screener link and will get to it soonish. Here’s the label on the tin: A stylized Sci-Fi action-thriller. Stuck in an endless time-loop, Captain Apollo wakes up to discover he is in the post-apocalypse, a pandemic has wiped out most of the population on Earth, and there are new tenants.
  43.  6:45 — Streaming Film (2021): Coming out soon on HBOmax is 6:45, described on the IMDb thusly: What if one of the best days of your life suddenly turned into your very worst nightmare? And what if you were forced to relive that same day again and again? From the trailer, it seems like a horror-type GHD flick. If there’s any humor, I can’t tell from the trailer. This might be the most horror-based GHD entry than anything else on this list: Happy Death Day, on the other hand, barely counts as horror, being more of a dark comedy. I’ll update this entry once I see 6:45. Of course I’ll see it. This is what I do! It’s all I do! <—- paraphrased from Kyle Reese, in another time travel movie you may have heard of (Terminator).
  44. Community — TV show — Season 3, Episode 4 “Remedial Chaos Theory” (2011): Thanks to astute reader Nate for the heads up. So, I just watched this one, with no prior show knowledge. I found it amusing and cute. I’m actually placing Community on my watch list because of all the nerd references (see: Indiana Jones scale replica of the rolling boulder scene and Deadpool wearing a mens xmas jumper). A fun side effect of dipping into TV shows I never saw is how I’m discovering good series to take on. So, does this Community episode contribute to the GHD genre? I’d say yes, specifically Abed’s assertions that throwing a die creates six different timelines. It’s new for a non-sci-fi character to steadfastly believe they are messing with a multi-verse. While we see the timelines play out Sliding Doors-style, what strikes me is how some timelines play out as incredibly pedestrian, and others quite disastrous. Definitely watchable.
  45. “Future Tense”Star Trek: Enterprise, Season 2, Ep 16 (2002)
  46. “Time Squared”Star Trek: TNG, Season 2 Episode 13 (1989)
  47. “Timescape”Star Trek: TNG, Season 6 Episode 25 (1993)
  48. “Visionary” Star Trek: Deep Space 9, Season 3 Episode 17 (1995)
  49. “Coda”Star Trek: Voyager, Season 3 Episode 15 (1997)
  50.  When We First Met — Feature Film — “Definitely a rom com. Enough emphasis on the “com” part to work for me, but not as hilarious as something like Groundhog Day.” Thank you to RunPee Fan Nate for the heads up!
  51. Mine Games — Feature Film — “Horror mystery suspense thriller.” Also brought to our attention by Nate. You are on the ball!
  52. ResetReset is a 15-episode series on YouTube about a young man and woman caught in a Groundhog Day-style temporal loop.

Collecting Groundhog Day Time Loops

We’re always looking to add new shows to celebrate this obscure, yet infinitely geeky holiday. Each new year shows there are still great ideas to be mined from messing with time.

  • Spring 2020 UPDATE: Go see Palm Springs, the latest in this genre. It’s almost perfect.
  • Summer 2020 ANOTHER UPDATE: We’re currently getting up to speed on more shows featuring Groundhog loops on a weekly basis, so keep checking in.
  • January 2021 YET ANOTHER UPDATE: We’re back on the job and working our way through some of the GHD movies and shows that we’ve missed so far. Lots of you commented with shows for us to check and review: keep them coming!
  • June 2021: Still going. Thank you for always letting us know what new GHD loop episodes and movies we missed. I try to get all of your ideas personally reviewed, or at least added to the list.

Non-Groundhog Day movies that seem like one…

We’re going to start a list of movies that aren’t GHD films but come close, like 50 First Dates, Bill & Ted 2, Austin Powers 2, Butterfly Effect, Sliding Doors, Back to the Future 2, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Momento, Tenet, Looper, 12 Monkeys, and About Time. What should we title these kinds of films?

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Movie Review – Boss Level (2021’s Groundhog Day Loop film)

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81 responses to “Every Groundhog Day Type Movie & TV Episode – The Ultimate Repeating Day List”

  1. A fan gave us new info about a movie with a repeating day theme called Blood Punch, with a horror angle about an Indian Burial Ground being violated….we’re sending RunPee Sis to check it out. It’s available on the horror streaming service called Shudder. Have you seen it? Should this make the list?

  2. About the Star Trek the Next Generation episode that came first: You really can’t beat that opening sequence. ALL HANDS ABANDON SHIP! ALL HANDS — BAM! That was an outstanding moment the the first time, and it still leaves an impact now.

  3. Oh man, you guys. Looper isn’t a GHD movie. I am not sure why we thought it was. I’m going to have to remove this one. It’s time travel, and the word “loop” seems to imply a ground hog loop, but I finally saw this myself for the first time (this is Jilly) and it’s more Blade Runner/Terminator. With some Inception. But not a repeating day.

    Oy. People have also mentioned Butterfly Effect, Sliding Doors, 50 First Dates, and a few other films along these lines, but I need to discern a category of their own.

  4. – 12:01 pm (‘1990’)
    This is the first film adaptation of the short story “12:01 PM” by Richard A. Lupoff, which was published in 1973 in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction. It originally aired on cable television as part of the Showtime 30-Minute Movie anthology series. It was nominated for an Academy Award.

    – 12:01 (‘1993’)
    Office worker Barry Thomas is forced to relive the worst day of his life.

    – Triangle (‘2009’)
    A group of friends go on boat trip and become stranded due to a storm. They discover a cruise ship which causes them to experience a series of repeating events.

    – The Endless (‘2017’)
    Two brothers return to a cult they left earlier in life. They learn there is something going on much bigger than your average ‘cult crazies’.

    – Primer (‘2004’)
    Two friends invent a time machine. They end up looping over and over trying to not screw up the time-space paradox.

    [Note: I’m assuming Primer and sober others I added are not included for the same reason ‘Looper/Butterfly Effect/50 First Dates etc aren’t included in the narrow parameters of a ‘GHD’-type movie]. Though time-loop movies, *even* the ones that don’t just follow the GHD formula 100%, still can give people who like this type of story something to enjoy.

  5. Hi Rand! These are great ideas! Thank you for your insights and details.

    I am about to do some traveling, but will respond more on these soon. Have you watched the new Netflix show Russian Doll? Great mashup of GH Day and Happy Death Day, in episode form!

  6. […] love Groundhog Day stories and I’ve been looking forward to this movie since the first time I saw the previews. I was […]

  7. Rob Williams Avatar
    Rob Williams

    So where does “About Time” fit in? If you like Notting Hill,Four Weddings, etc. then it should ring a bell or two. Imagine a soppy romance with time travel thrown in and that’s pretty much what Richard Curtis wrote! Oh… and Bill Nighy’s in it too!

  8. One of the best Groundhog Day movie quotes that sums it ALL up, from Palm Springs:

    “Today, tomorrow, yesterday,” he shrugs. “It’s all the same.”

  9. Rand, I think the X-Files episode Triangle is referencing the movie you named above.

    Rob, I need to see About Time then. It has to be a loop…not just time travel. 🙂

  10. Thinking about it, About Time is a bit more complicated than just a loop so probably doesn’t qualify.

  11. There could be a different category for time travel non-loop movies. What categories do you think we could wrastle up?

  12. Also, I adore Bill Nighy, so i’ll see it either way.

  13. Bill Nighy and Domhnall Gleeson as father and son are a good watch. I did have another quick review of it and it’s totally not like Groundhog Day! The premise of the film is that the men in the family can go back in time and relive an event until they get it right but the big difference is they can choose when they go back to. Oh… not being too spoilery, that’s in the trailer!

  14. Got some more. I added Palm Springs and will do a blurb/review for Premature next (just saw it last night. I’ll save my thoughts for the review and let you know when it’s done. Has anyone seen Premature?

  15. I added Premature as a review.

    Going to watch About Time, Triangle, Naked, 12:03, ARG, and Before I Fall next, since they are on free online.

    I’ll be looking next for Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children, Last Day of Summer, Prince of Persia, and Primer. And some others. There’s a lot.

    Not sure why this is such a thing…maybe we all long for an infinite do over.

  16. @Rob — I saw About Time and thought it was a pleasant, cute diversion. But it’s not a GHD loop, or sci fi, or anything much outside of conventional storytelling.

    My About Time review is done. I gave it a nice B grade. Thank you for the heads up, Rob! I’ll post the review after the newsletter goes out!

    PS: Rob is the main character in Naked and Palm Springs…is there something you’re not telling me?

    I watched Naked this week, which is indeed a GHD. The Review is done and going live tomorrow.

    Next GHD on my list:
    Triangle, 12.01, and Before I Fall. I think Triangle is semi-horror.

    I need a topic category for non-GDH Time Travel films…Anyone?

  17. “PS: Rob is the main character in Naked and Palm Springs…is there something you’re not telling me?”

    You asked me that yesterday… and the day before… and…

  18. lol. There’s something about Rob….

    Review for Naked, yes, is a GHD:

    i watched Primer last night. The review is almost done, but it’s time travel, not GHD.

    Before I fall is a GDH:

    Lots more to watch. Also, Bill & Ted 3…which is time travel but not a loop, unless they changed it.

    Triangle is on youtube, so it’s next on my list.

  19. Christmas Do-Over with Jay Mohr also has the GHD experience, fun family movie.

  20. “Window of Opportunity”, Episode 6, Season 4 of Stargate SG1 is a fantastic and funny “one day time loop” story!

  21. @Jonplays and @Adi, thank you for the suggestions. I plan to eventually see EVERYTHING in the Groundhog/Time Loop genres. heh. It’s interesting that there are so dam many. Fun stuff!

    As for Christmas Do-Over, I’ll be getting Amazon Prime again in a month or so and will be able to catch and review that. Great catch.

    Window of Opportunity sounds perfect!!! Stargate is on my life list of series to watch. I’m on a complete Trek rewatch, which takes some time…but I imagine with three (4?) Stargate shows that’s a lot to catch up to to. I think I’ll cherry pick that episode so I can at least review it. This is the series with Ben Browder and Claudia Black? I’d watch the show just for them. I loved Farscape that much.

    I’m going to add these to the list above right now. Thanks again. Let me know if you find more.

    PS: I just found a free copy of Window of Opportunity to watch:

  22. Robert Hoch Avatar
    Robert Hoch

    There was a GHD episode of “Early Edition” — Season 4, episode 10 : “Run Gary Run”.

  23. Bob Budiansky Avatar
    Bob Budiansky

    I just watched this recently: Repeat Performance (1947). Here’s how IMDB describes it: “On New Year’s Eve 1946, Sheila Page kills her husband Barney. She wishes that she could relive 1946 and avoid the mistakes that she made throughout the year. Her wish comes true but cheating fate proves more difficult than she anticipated.”
    It only involves one time loop, but it’s still a time loop.

  24. william Mozdzierz Avatar
    william Mozdzierz

    A new one in 2021: Map of Tiny Perfect Things. Very good!

  25. Will you be watching and reviewing this one, Jill?

    I’ve got it on in the background and it’s looking pretty good so far!

  26. The Map Of Tiny Perfect things is quite a cute film which I think you’ll enjoy.

    Russian Doll (a Netflix serial) is a much darker experience.

    Both are genuine GHD scenarios.

  27. Rob, I’m definitely going to see that — it sounds sweet, but it could be a while. My life is severely backed up! Please review it for us!

    I loved Russian Doll and binged it when it came out. I hear there is a second season coming out some day when Hollywood is back.

    We have three articles on this site about Russian Doll:

    Binge Watch Review – Russian Doll

    Russian Doll is the newest Netflix Addition to the Groundhog Day genre

    Russian Doll Theme Song – Gotta Get Up Video

  28. William, thank you for the info about the newest movie to join the GHD ranks! I’m excited to watch it. 🙂

  29. Bob! Wow, 1947! It seems Star Trek: TNG’s Cause & Effect wasn’t first after all…I’m going to have to hunt that one down. Thank you for letting us know. 😀

  30. Robert, thank you for the details about Run Gary Run. This is so much fun, and there are so many cool things to add to our list. We’re going to see everything we can get our hands on and be the most complete site on the web for GHD (and GHD-like) movies. Thanks again!

    Everyone keep it up if you can think of more…

  31. Hey William and all, Rob just did a review of *The Map of Tiny Little Things*! I added it to this never-ending article. 😉

    I’ll try to make time to watch it soon myself, looks amusing. I like amusing.

    1. Thanks. “Boss Level” looks like fun. I’ll give that a watch. My wife and I were going to watch “The Map of Tiny Perfect Things” until we watched the trailer. Now it kind of feels like we’ve seen just about everything in the movie we need to see. I hate it when trailers do that. 🙂

  32. Just so you know, Dan, 95% of the trailer for The Map Of Tiny Perfect Things happens in the first 20-25 minutes of the film.

    I really enjoyed it!

  33. bill jones Avatar
    bill jones

    so “12:01” sounds suspiciously like a twilight zone episode from like 1965 with dennis weaver, where he wakes up in jail and is taken to court and condemned to death for a murder he didn’t commit. he is executed at midnight, whereupon he wakes up and goes through the day again, but this time all the other characters have changed places: now the judge is the bailiff & the bailiff is his lawyer and his lawyer is the prosecutor… and at midnight he is executed. whereupon he wakes up… etc. it was called “shadow play,” aired in 1961, and was based on a story by charles beaumont called “träumerei.”

  34. That sounds awesome, Bill! I love the twist of everyone changing roles as the story iterates! I’m going to have to track that one down.

  35. Tim Bracken Avatar
    Tim Bracken

    There was a recent Twilight Zone episode starring Topher Grace with a time loop. See

  36. Retroactive – 1997 – Kylie Travis & James Belushi. Great film.

  37. Roger Cline Avatar
    Roger Cline

    Don’t forget Boss Level…

  38. @Roger, thanks for the Boss Level heads up. Watched it, loved it, A+ in the genre. What did you think? Did you guys all see this?

    I added it to the list above and here is my review:

  39. I’ve… acquired… a copy of Boss Level and it’s sitting on my TV waiting to be watched. Having read your review I’ll bump it up the running order!

  40. Rob, let me know what you think. I was charmed by the deft handling. Except for that one vile scene I mentioned as an Alert Peetime. What did you think of that scene?

  41. @Djstraycat that sounds amazing and it totes slipped under my radar. I can see from all these thoughtful comments that I have my work cut out for me to be the internet’s best and only resource on EVERY GHD loop films!!!

    Thank you!

  42.  Avatar

    I came here for movies, and thank you for that! but if you are including TV episodes, season 1 episode 7 of Star Trek Enterprise. episode title “Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad” Classic time loop episode.

  43.  Avatar

    Sorry, Star Trek Discovery, not Enterprise

  44. Thank you for your thoughts! I was confused, bc there actually IS a Groundhog Day loop ep on Star Trek *Enterprise*, and I watched it a few months ago…then promptly forgot to write down the name. So I have to go find it again…

    As far as Star Trek Discovery goes: I can’t bring myself to watch that show. I’ll do it eventually, but it seems depressing and not Trek. I hear mixed reviews.

    If memory serves, DS9 also has a sort of time loop one — one with Miles. (All the best stand alones have Miles.)

    I’ll have to track all of them down. While I’m at it, I should think about Star Trek Voyager…they did so much time travel that there must be something. Maybe “Coda”.

    But of course, The Next Generation did it first (and best!)

    Thank you for the good reminder, and I’m so glad you came in here to check. I try my best to cover all Groundhog Loop stories, but the genre keeps growing! (For which I am happy…!)

  45. Hey guys. STAR TREK. I’m working on an article about every Groundhog Day loop episode in Star Trek. I’ve got one for all of the 90s-00s Treks, plus one for Discovery. My question: Is there one in The Original Series?

    Also, from the series I haven’t watched yet: The Animated Series, Picard, Lower Decks, Short Treks, Strange New Worlds. Or The Continuation Series, or Trek Online. I have some catching up to do! But can anyone suggest some time travel sheningans eps for me to check out?

  46. Dan Salvino Avatar
    Dan Salvino

    It’s not really a loop at all, but people will be interested to know that an episode of Cougar Town had the chatacters talking about Groundhog Day. Some of the people didn’t understand what was happening in GHD, and why people didn’t remember the yesterday that didn’t happen. So Countnet Cox’s character tries to make real life feel like GDH by repeating things, like wearing the same clothes.

  47. Dan Salvino, thank you for that tidbit! Now I’ll have to check out that ep too. I never saw Cougar Town, but I’ll watch that one. I do like Courtney Cox. I also understand people not ‘getting it’. When I watched Sliding Doors with my father, he kept asking why her hair was long, short, long, etc.

    I bet this is a real hoot. I’d like to mess with people like that. 🙂

  48.  Avatar

    Loki “The Nexus Event” Season 1, Episode 4

  49. Seriously, LOKI has a Groundhog Day ep?? ARG, I can’t wait to see it. But I haven’t even started The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I hate these for-pay channels bc you have to have ALL of them to stay current: Disney+, Paramount (was CBS All Access), Hulu, HBO Max, Amazon, and probably a few more I’m spacing. Who can afford all of this? I’m lucky I got to see WandaVision (a friend had it). I’m behind on all the new Star Trek stuff, and apparently The Orville is moving to Hulu.

    Sorry about the rant. /arg

  50. Haha, it’s all good!(I’m a fellow ranter though so you won’t find me hating, especially on these kind of topics!)
    So the Loki episode isn’t a full blown episode of timeloops, but the way they use it 100% felt worth mentioning. Maybe I should have mentioned that when I left the other comment, it was early in the morning…I watched it first thing over my coffee/breakfast and just wanted to add it here while it was fresh in my mind.
    I’ve been digging your page here though. I’ve always been a big fan of time loop stuff(Groundhog Day, edge of tomorrow, the happy death day movies, Palm Springs, boss level, and the episodes of TNG, Star Trek Discovery, supernatural, the twilight zone) so I decided I should do some googling to seek out more stuff to watch and I’ve been actively watching as many of these as I have access to.
    Also, you’re in for a treat once you get to see the new Star Trek stuff. None of it’s going anywhere though, it will be there when you get to it. Now that they’re several series in simultaneously they’re just totally on fire, especially Discovery after three seasons. Picard’s first season was cool too-can’t wait for more of that! And I liked Lower Decks a bunch-I think that one was more hit or miss with people because it’s more of a modern adult animation style show which is very different for Star Trek, but it’s also a total love letter for the fans to basically every era of Trek from the original series to the 70s cartoon to the 80s movies and especially to all of the TNG->ENT series from the 80s to the early 2000s. Strange New Worlds is looking to be pretty solid too(fingers crossed) and also a return to more traditional episodic storytelling, where as Discovery and Picard are more serialized in the vein of most modern tv. And yes-The Orville is fun too, I felt like once it worked out some of the kinks and figured out its style and tone it got really good.

  51. Community: Season 3, Episode 4 “Remedial Chaos Theory”

  52. Awesome, Nate, thanks for the Community heads up! Added to the list.

    I recently added my thoughts on the eps of Supernatural (The Mystery Spot), Discovery (Magic to Make the Sanest Man Grow Mad) and Loki (The Nexus Event). It feels great to see new GHD shows. I’m so astounded how this has become an entire genre.

    I have a copy of the indie movie Nebulous Dark to watch, and I’m pretty sure I can see 6:45 soon as well (on HBO Max).

  53. alright another ramble…(along with a couple more time loop movies I’ve seen that aren’t mentioned on here yet)

    no prob! Based on your write-up of it, I think for the most part you’ll love Community. There’s also more on the multi-verse stuff as well in other episodes.

    Supernatural is a pretty fun show too. It’s just A LOT of show. 15 seasons….. it lasted that long for a reason, but it’s a lot. I’ve seen a fair amount, but prefer standalone episodes over the ongoing ones(I was the same way with the X-Files). Some ongoing ones are cool, but other than several seasons I’ve always just watched it out of order. Though I am currently trying to watch an abridged binge of its final few seasons so I can see how it ends with at least some context.

    Did you see the “Star Trek: Discovery” episode by itself? It’s a tough series to watch without watching them in order. That was definitely one of the fan-favorite episodes of that season though. One thing I love about Discovery is how they take a lot of stylized episodes Trek is known for like the time loop episode, and other classic Trek show concepts that I won’t spoil if you haven’t seen it all yet, and it utilizes them within an ongoing serialized story form.

    I’ve also now watched everything on here that I had access to, after several months of on-and-off trucking through it all.
    Though I’ve only started the first couple episodes of “Travelers” but am still watching (3 seasons so I have a ways to go).
    And I haven’t had access to, or yet been able to find these, but I will check again for them occasionally:
    “Run, Lola, Run”
    “Source Code”
    “The Last Day of Summer”
    “The Endless”
    “Nebulous Dark”

    Having always loved every time loop thing I’d ever seen up to this point, I figured if I went down this rabbit hole that would certainly change with some of the things I ended up watching, and it did, but that’s fine. There were definitely some gems in here too. Russian Doll was probably my favorite. And I’ve always loved the X-Files but hadn’t seen that episode before. I’ll also add that it can be challenging to watch TV episodes out of context if you don’t know the series, but some still stood out to me->the ones from The Vampire Diaries, the Mindy Project, and Early Edition. Out of the movies I hadn’t seen these ones probably were my faves: Triangle, 12:01, Blood Punch, The Map of Tiny Little Things, Retroactive. Honorable mention to Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children(any movie with otherworldly trippy visuals usually speaks to me on some level).

    Also, a couple more time loop films I watched that crossed my radar

    1) When We First Met – film
    definitely a rom com. Enough emphasis on the “com” part to work for me, but not as hilarious as something like Groundhog Day. With that said, it had a couple actors I have liked in other things (Adam DeVine and Alexandra Daddario). I found it to be an amusing take on the genre. Instead of just outright repeating the same day over and over, the main character has a way to make himself go relive the same day from several years ago, something they do many many times, which keeps in line with the way audiences view a timeloop movie, and every time he plays the day out differently, he wakes up back in the future date he started in…what happened in the years between those two dates each time is a unique take on the genre.

    2) Mine Games – film.
    horror mystery suspense thriller.
    ‘Kind of’ reminded me of “Triangle” as far as some of the ways the time loop storytelling was implemented.

  54. So, I watched Triangle (2009) last night. It’s not really horror — more like a suspense thriller with a mind bending plot. It has some somewhat gruesome moments, but no jump scares. I have a low tolerance for horror but I found Triangle to be quite excellent. Definitely a GHD film, but extremely interesting in how the loops stack up on top of each other. So many clues start adding up to help you untangle what’s going on. I don’t want to spoil it here, but pay attention to the details, the setting, and the symbolism.

    I think this must be the most difficult situation a protagonist in a Groundhog Day Loop ever faces. Triangle is a fascinating story and most definitely adds to the GHD genre. I’d give it an A.

    Also, there are many creepy callbacks to The Shining, which really adds to the fun.

    Another note: there is an X-Files ep called Triangle that also takes place on an ocean liner and features time travel shenanigans. It’s constructed around very impressive, long panning shots. Recommended, and you don’t need to have prior knowledge of X-Files to enjoy it.

  55. Hi Nate! I’m going to respond to your delightful “rants”. I love how you’re as dedicated as I am to seeing everything Groundhog Day themed.

    I agree that the Loki episode counts. And the choice of memory that he gets looped into says a lot about Loki’s loneliness and sets us up for exactly who he falls for in the present.

    You mentioned some great GHD choices. Have you seen the X-Files, Xena, Farscape, and Buffy episodes?

    I haven’t watched ST: Discovery except The Vulcan Hello and the GHD ep, so it’s logical that in a serialized format like this, I might not get the nuances in Magic to Make the Sanest Mad Grow Mad. I also didn’t like how Harry Mudd was presented. He was pretty mean. That’s not how he was in his two TOS episodes. But if you’re saying the show gets good, I might start with Season 2 and continue through three.

    I did enjoy ST: Picard, but am dismayed at how the Federation is not longer showing a positive future for humanity. I hold out hope that Picard himself will fix things. It seems that between Wolf 359 and the Dominion War, that Starfleet stands on a knife’s edge.

    I was HUGELY surprised at how enjoyable Lower Decks turned out to be, once it found its feet (with the same issues, as you said, that The Orville had). The myriad of callbacks to the other series’ are great fun. I smile a lot in each episode.

    I still need to see Short Treks. Looking forward to Strange New Worlds and a more episodic approach.

    Community has had high praise heaped on it. I’ll definitely be catching that one. It seems to be a little like The Big Bang Theory? (which I loved)

    You’re right about Supernatural being a lot to take on. 15 seasons? And keep in mind these are long seasons (not like The Expanse, for example). But my best friend says it is her all time favorite show, which is a recommendation I take seriously. I just need to decide when to go all in and spend the time n it. I did like the GHD ep.

    I agree about The X-Files with stand alones having more legs over time than the myth arc ones. I especially adore all the ones penned by Darin Morgan.

    Shoot me an email to [email protected] and I’ll link you up with the screener for Nebulous Dark.

    I haven’t heard of Lucky. Good find. It seems to be a “Western” version? Cool. It’s free on Youtube and I’ll be catching that one soon:

    Endless is on Amazon Prime.

    Russian Doll is intensely fun and it had a fine season ender. It even works as a series ender, but apparently a second season is confirmed:

    I haven’t heard of When We First Met, but I see it’s on Netflix. Mine Games is on Tubi. Good catch on these!

    Question for you: When I write up a series on Time Loop Movies that aren’t actually Groundhog Loops, what should I call those?

  56. Hi Jill, I have seen all the GHD episodes of the X-Files, Xena, Farscape, and Buffy.->I have watched everything on your list that I had access to. As well as everything mentioned in the comments anywhere, even things that aren’t GHD(if they’ve been mistaken for GHD for whatever reason, they’re still bound to be in a cool genre I’ll dig.)

    With ST: Discovery, in the time loop episode, even things like Harry Mudd were set up in prior episodes where he had already appeared. And most of the character dynamics of the main crew in that episode had just all been building through the entire season up to that point.
    Honestly, if you’re able to, I’d recommend powering through season 1 of Discovery instead of skipping to season 2.
    So many things relevant to season 2 are all established and set up in season 1.
    Also, the second half of season 1 is just filled with delicious plot twists and gets quite good(especially the episodes Jonathan Frakes directs).
    I’ve also read “The Vulcan Hello” and the second episode “Battle at the Binary Stars” described as the season’s “prologue.” And that the third episode kind of feels like the actual first episode of the series as far as the ship Discovery and its crew goes. Only a couple of characters from the ship the series is about are even in the first two episodes. But those first two episodes definitely set up a lot of back story that is absolutely essential to the season’s overall plot.
    One thing I love about the series too is that it embraces big ideas from season to season.
    Strange New Worlds is also going to be a spin-off of Discovery. It will have the episodic format, but all the groundwork is from Discovery(and TOS).
    I don’t think any of the new Star Trek shows are perfect by any means, but on the whole I’ve definitely enjoyed every series so far.(We’re also talking a franchise that has more ups and downs in its history than a world championship yo-yo competition.)
    Based on what I’ve seen between all the shows, as well as Discovery’s several season evolution, it seems that the writers are adjusting as they go and always working to improve everything they’re creating, which includes listening to fan feedback.
    Short Treks, if I recall correctly, is all tie-ins to mostly Discovery and some to Picard. They’re neat. They’re all very short, maybe 8-16 minutes each. I enjoy the format.

    A cliche opinion of Community is that its first 3 seasons are mostly top notch, and seasons 4-6 are good but not as great as the first three, for various reasons. There’s plenty to love in the whole series though. A very fun series with cool episodes concepts, a great cast, and very good writers(Dan Harmon from Rick & Morty was the showrunner for all of its seasons except season 4 when they briefly parted ways with him to try to shake up the show since its ratings weren’t the best…but then they changed their mind and brought him back for the rest of the series).

    Yeah, I more or less saw the first few seasons of Supernatural in order, but just some of the early seasons. Someone who used to live with me binged the heck out of that series. Sometimes I was there watching episode after episode. Sometimes I’d miss chunks of seasons but could still jump back in pretty easily several episodes later.
    Again, I’m more about the standalone episodes anyway. Though it does have a great cast of recurring characters.
    It’s 327 episodes. So if you are going to someday fully dive in-godspeed on your journey!
    Otherwise, I recommend, one of two approaches.
    1.When you’re in the mood to watch a Supernatural episode, just google best Supernatural episodes and start watching random ones that come up as the best ones.
    2.Or if you want an approach that’s more thorough but not 300+ episodes, you could always google for a list of key episodes/best episodes, or jot down a bunch of those and maybe episodes from each season that are highly rated on IMDb. (I’m currently watching an abridged version of the final three seasons made up of episodes using that method. It’s still a decent amount of episodes but certainly not all of them by any means.)
    If you do either of those approaches you may also find at some points that you do just want to continue episode by episode for certain seasons. Sometimes the ongoing plots do hook you in. It happened to me once with one of the later seasons a few years back. But a lot of the times I just don’t care about the ongoing season long plots, or feel that I’m really missing out on much by not doing it in order and thoroughly. But that’s just me personally. Others may say that I’m crazy for having that attitude.
    Also, I suppose the very first episode is a good one to watch because it establishes the characters and sets up the basics of the show. I’ve also heard the first five seasons are some of the best or most important for the ongoing storylines. The original showrunner basically wrote a five season show with the season five finale intended to be a possible finale to it all. The network wanted to keep it going and they did for another ten seasons without the original showrunner who gave it everything he had to give in those first 5. And I’m glad they did. Tons of gems(both episodes and characters) throughout its entire runner. One of my favorite episodes, a brilliant Scooby-Doo crossover, doesn’t even happen until season 13.

    I still need to watch the second revival season of The X-Files(I’ve heard mixed things but I still want to see it and complete it and will probably get on that sooner than later.) I did watch the “Triangle” episode because you or somebody else had mentioned it in one of the earlier comments above.
    I’ve also always been fascinated by the fact that the movie Final Destination began as an X-Files spec script.

    The movie “Lucky” that you found at that YouTube link isn’t the time loop movie.
    I actually searched the movie on my Roku, and I had a channel that had access to it for free but when the movie started(the one you found on YouTube), I realized immediately it was the wrong movie with the same name which the Roku search feature must have gotten confused by. I kinda liked it, but it’s a slow contemplative film with Harry Dean Stanton. Ed Begley Jr. is in it. David Lynch too(as an actor, not directing).
    The time loop movie “Lucky” is a thriller/horror (“A self-help book author finds herself stalked by a threatening figure who returns to her house night after night”) that is available on SHUDDER and AMC+(I do not have subscriptions to either)

    I actually was wondering how Russian Doll would end cause when i watched it recently on Netflix it clearly said in the section for it that it was returning for another season. I was pleasantly happy to see that ending worked as its own thing, and not leaving things hanging for more seasons.(Netflix also has an iffy track record for canceling many series that leave things hanging expecting more seasons).
    The co-creator/writer of Russian Doll Leslye Headland is also the showrunner for an upcoming Star Wars series on Disney+ called The Acolyte, and as a Star Wars fan I have high hopes for whatever she’s cooking up with that as well.

    Off the top, I’ve got nothing in regards to your question, but I will try to ponder that and if I think of something good I will let you know. Perhaps another reader will have a good idea for that in the meantime. Either way, I definitely support all movies or shows in this general ballpark being talked about whether they are technically a Groundhog Loop or not

  57. Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. S07E09 “As I Have Always Been” is a great time loop, complete with some people remembering what happened and some not, and trying different things to get out of it.

    I would say The Good Place S02E01 through E03 is a type of time loop too.

  58. These all basically use time loop narrative devices during at least sections of the episodes though in ways that are a little more out there than your standard Groundhog Day style.

    Supernatural season 14 episode 10 “Nihilism”

    Doctor Who season 9 episode 11 “Heaven Sent”

    What If…? episode 4 “What If… Doctor Strange Lost His Heart Instead of His Hands?”

  59. You just beat me to it with the Dr Strange episode of “What If…”!

  60.  Avatar

    There is a show called Day Break that needs to be added to this list

  61.  Avatar

    Chinese series Reset. Focuses entirely on Time Loop.

  62. […] Source/Lähde: Every Groundhog Day Type Movie & TV Episode – The Ultimate Repeating Day List […]

  63. David C Avatar
    David C

    There’s a Korean film called “A Day” that came out in 2017 that I thought was really good and definitely fits the bill as a GHD movie.

  64. Futurama “Meanwhile”

  65. legends of tomorrow does one where zari gets stuck in a loop… season 3 ep 11 the internet says …

    i do, i do, i do

    once upon a winters date (bonus marina sirtis sighting)

    those last two are definitely romantic variations of the GHD theme

  66. Rob Williams Avatar
    Rob Williams

    Thanks Sass!

    I’ll try and get those seen.

  67. Hi Jill,

    My wife tells me that an episode of the TV series “Medium” features a time loop, specifically “Be Kind, Rewind,” season 3, episode 3 (3006). IMDB plot summary: “ Allison keeps having the same dream, or is it day, and the clues she gets may help her prevent a tragedy.”

  68. Typo: 2006, not 3006. If it came out in 3006?that would make it a time travel story.

  69. Mehmet Aslan Evrim Avatar
    Mehmet Aslan Evrim

    Just dropping two TV episodes of the recurring day genre. Both are quite good. The better of the two is the season 7 episode 9 of Agents of Shield titled “As I have always been”. It’s really good if you have watched the entire series.
    The other one is the season 3 episode 11 of the Legends of Tomorrow which is surprisingly similar to the AoS one (both of them refer to the Star Trek épisode I think).

  70. Jonathan Sterling Avatar
    Jonathan Sterling

    Just watched Haven tv show, audrey parkers day off and it has a ground hog days theme to it. Alsonas onrecall the old tv show medium had an episode but i dont recall what it was named

  71. Does Tru Calling count? Tru works in a morgue where in each episode the corpse manages to say “help me” and then she zooms back in time by 1 full day. She then has that day to try to figure out how to stop the person from dying after all, if she can.

    1. Interesting premise.

      IMO I’d say it’s not a “true” GH show because it sounds like she gets one shot to fix things. If she had to repeat the day over and over until she succeeded then for sure.

      What do you think?

  72.  Avatar

    Blood Ties season 2 ep 3. Is a Canadian vampire show.

  73. Rob Williams Avatar
    Rob Williams

    Thanks for that!

    I’ve had a quick look and I’d say it qualifies!

  74. What about Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 11 titled “Here I Go Again” it aired in 2018!

  75. Kyle Farmer Avatar
    Kyle Farmer

    Great list! I’m been marking down the ones I havent seen. There were a couple great series in the 2000’s that were GHD’esque. “Day Break” was a fantastic but shortlived series with Taye Diggs and Moon Bloodgood. Perhaps more of an honourable mention as it is not true GHD but more Butterfly Effect is “Journeyman” with Kevin McKidd. Love this genre!

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