Movie Review – The Creator

This is a tough movie to review because there’s so much to unpack. Sad by probably true With all of the recent advancements in AI/Machine Learning (ML) it really feels that stories like this are moving from science fiction to this shit is about to get real. Robots and AI aren’t something that are over the horizon anymore. […]

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits.

Is there anything extra during the end credits of Blue Beetle?

Yes, there are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of Blue Beetle. View details and movie information…


Movie Review – Blue Beetle

It gives me no pleasure to give this move such a poor grade. There aren’t enough movies that cater to the Latino community, and it’s kind of important that when there is one, they get it right. Represent! You know what I’m saying? Team Failure Some movies have bad acting, but rarely is the acting so […]


Movie Review – Asteroid City

One of my father’s shortcomings was his unfailing conviction that what he knew that what he had seen before was always better than a new version. The new version of Batman/Doctor Who/Mission: Impossible/anything really was never as good as the one he’d seen. “Bah…it’s not as good as the original” he’d say. Invariably, before he’d […]

Transformers Rise of the Beasts_square

I Will Never Stop Fighting For Our Hub

Transformers is one of those franchises that passed me by. Too old to be interested when it started and didn’t have any children that were interested in it later on. However, that hasn’t stopped it becoming one of the highest grossing media franchises of all time with an income in excess of ¥2 trillion ($25 […]


Movie Review – Black Adam

The good news is that I think everyone who wants to see this movie just wants to see Dwayne Johnson be a badass superhero. On that note, I can give this movie a big thumbs up. The Rock nailed the anti-hero Black Adam. He was perfect for the role. His delivery and expressions were spot […]


‘The Three-Body Problem’ Netflix Series: Everything You Need To Know

What is the story about? The Three-Body Problem is the title of the first book in a trilogy, followed by The Dark Forest, and Death’s End. The trilogy is titled Remembrance of Earth’s Past but is commonly referred to as Three-Body Problem trilogy. The most simplistic synopsis of the story is that it’s an alien invasion saga […]

Dune: Part 2 – What You Need To Know About the Dune Sequel

When Dune came out in 2021 it was to favourable reviews. It earned $401.8m against a spend of $165m despite being released during the tail end of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those two factors were enough to guarantee a sequel. What is Dune: Part 2? Fairly obviously, it is a direct sequel to Dune. This time […]

MCU Eternals Actor Harry Styles – What You Need To Know

The news broke over the weekend that Harry Styles has landed a “$100m five film deal” as part of the MCU. Now I’m taking this news with a humongous pinch of salt because it was announced in two papers; one was the Daily Mail, which is famously untruthful, and the other was Metro, a free […]

Contact – Silver Anniversary Movie Rewatch

What links French philosopher Voltaire, The Return Of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, an ancient king of Assyria, and Captain Picard’s tea? The link is one of my favourite films. That film hits its 25th anniversary this summer; that film is Contact. One other thing before I get going, there may well be spoilers. All […]

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