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Indie Movie Review – Skinwalker

Skinwalker starts off by telling us that we are in the Arizona High Country in 1883. Two grizzled chaps, Benny (Nathaniel Burns) and Hugo (Robert Conway), are creeping through the woods, rifles drawn, looking like they’re out hunting — when they happen across what appears to be a body on a wooden trellis. One of […]

Indie Movie Review – Playhouse

The problem I have with ghost stories is an absence of belief in ghosts. Not that that should be a problem… I don’t believe in hobbits, superheroes, or magic, but I still watch and enjoy The Lord Of The Rings, The Avengers, and Harry Potter. So I don’t expect any sympathy for sitting through an independent horror/ghost […]

Indie Movie Review – The Retreat

As is elsewhere recorded, horror is not my genre of first choice. But I make the effort for the good folk who follow us. So, here in the small corner room that is reserved for the team devoted to watching and reviewing independent films, I have just sat and watched The Retreat. I’ll be honest and […]


Indie Movie Review – Derelicts

Films like Derelicts do make me worry for the friends that I’ve made over in the USA. More so than just the chance of them being shot by someone claiming to be defending his right to walk around bristling with weaponry, or catching something relatively treatable and being bankrupted. I worry that, over in the States, […]

invisible-man (300x300)

Current & Upcoming Blumhouse Horror Releases

Blumhouse is a company known for producing popular, low-budget horror films (Paranormal Activity, The Purge, Happy Death Day, Get Out, and most recently The Invisible Man).  So whenever they come out with a new title, it’s worth taking note.  While Blumhouse certainly produces things other than horror flicks (Whiplash, BlacKKKlansman, and The Normal Heart — […]


Movie Review – Freaky

What a fun movie! I can’t remember the last time I walked out of the theater having had so much fun. Let’s face it, when it comes to horror movies it’s all pretty much been done. When I saw Freaky was a Blumhouse production, though, I got excited. They are great at what they do. […]


Indie Movie Review – Attack Of The Demons — it’s animated and it’s horror! Why isn’t this done more?

I seem to always start off by saying that I’m probably the worst possible person to be writing the review and this is no exception. I’ve said often enough that I’m not one of your rabid horror fans but I’ll usually watch one with minimal prompting. So… ghosts? OK. Vampires? Don’t mind if I do. […]


Indie Movie Review – The Luring

When I saw “The Luring” I thought it looked quite interesting and would make a change from the other low budget offerings I get to see. What usually happens is I get sent an email with the poster and trailer, and then I decide whether or not I want a screener so I can review […]

Indie Movie Review – Widow’s Point

Oh dear… what to say about Widow’s Point? Full disclosure — horror is not my genre I just don’t buy into the whole supernatural thing. Having said that, I will watch almost anything (Editor’s note — yes, he will!) and have seen most of the last three years’ worth of newly released horror films when […]

19 Entry-Level Horror Movies for the Squeamish

Horror movies aren’t for everyone. But sometimes a film will come around that everyone can enjoy, even if you’re a little (or a lot) nervous about seeing it. To sum: if you found you could handle the scarier episodes of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The X-Files, you’ll be okay with my suggestions below. It’s […]

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