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Movie Review – Scream

Twenty-five years ago we were presented with a totally new and fresh idea for a horror movie. It was an amazing hit at the box office and quickly became one of my favorite horror franchises. Over the last twenty-five years, we were given many more sequels, some great and a few we won’t talk about. […]


Movie Review – The 355

I was extraordinarily disappointed in The 355. The trailers showed great potential but the actual film fell flat as a pancake in my opinion. I could pick this movie apart with a fine-toothed comb but we’d be here all day. So I’ll pick my top two complaints and leave the rest up to you. First, […]


Movie Review – Licorice Pizza

I went and saw Licorice Pizza and was kind of excited to see what the world looked like in 1973, the year I was born. I walked out realizing that I’m really happy that we are born without the ability to talk, to walk or to rationalize things. I’m so happy that the 70’s were […]

Movie Review – A Journal for Jordan

A Journal For Jordan is a very touching movie. The story is heartbreaking. Seeing how the duty of the American soldiers affects their family life is almost too hard to watch. You’ll walk out of the theater very sad. Many of the audience members in my theater were sobbing by the end of it. The acting […]

Video: M. Night Shyamalan Horror & Thrillers RANKED | WORST TO BEST

When M. Night Shyamalan gets it right he makes something iconic. But when he gets it wrong, wow is it a stinker. Emma really knows her M. Night Shyamalan. This is a great video if you want to get down to the nitty-gritty of which ones are good and which ones are great. Emma and […]

Movie Review – Nightmare Alley

Nightmare Alley was probably one of the most surprising movies I’ve seen this year. Based on the trailers I had been seeing it looked decent enough — and let’s face it, anything with Bradley Cooper is worth seeing. I want to break the review down into three sections. Let’s start with the first 40ish minutes. […]


Movie Review – National Champions

National Champions did a great job of breaking down the behind-the-scenes of college sports. It’s definitely an eye-opener to things I personally had never thought of. The athletes that get out there and give us our Saturday game day really do it at a cost to themselves. This movie points out the entire breakdown on […]


YouTube-The tricks that make slasher films look real

Hold on! Wait a minute! According to this short video on the making of horror movies, I just discovered that they’re not real.  What? Collapsing knives? That was hard to see. That blew my mind — even more, rubber knives. I can’t look Michael Myers in the eyes anymore. Don’t get me started on the […]

Movie Review – Clifford the Big Red Dog

This was a delightful movie. It’s sweet and funny with a terrific message for kids and adults alike. I usually watch children’s movies with my granddaughter. I like getting her opinion on these movies but she’s in school so I was flying solo today. Luckily for me, I know without a doubt that children will […]


Movie Review – Spencer

I must start this review by saying I am not an expert on the Royal Family. I’ve kept up with some of the highlights but history-wise, not so much. However, I can remember exactly where I was when I heard about Princess Diana’s death and I watched the wedding as a child. With that being […]

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