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RunPee’s Big Christmas Movie Hub

  Each year at RunPee we get a little closer to reviewing all the Christmas films — at least, all of the good and/or notorious ones that popular culture appreciates. One year I tried to take on some Hallmark Christmas movies and found I couldn’t quite go that far down the sickly sweet rabbithole, but […]

Christmas Rewatch Review – Scrooged

Scrooged is A Christmas Carol dragged kicking and screaming into the modern world… well, the late eighties anyway. Bill Murray is Frank Cross, the Scrooge character, but in this world he’s a cynical TV executive. He’s tasked with making sure his Christmas spectacular grabs the biggest share of the audience, and he wants to do it by making […]

First Time Movie Review – Jingle All The Way

Jingle All The Way is, most definitely, a Christmas film. I know that’s obvious but, with all the “is it or isn’t it” arguments and articles doing the rounds, I thought I’d better make sure everyone’s aware that I’m aware what I’m talking about… for a change! So what’s it about? In short, it’s about Howard […]

polar express

Christmas Rewatch Review – The Polar Express

I wonder if Tom Hanks is held in the high regard that he should be over that side of the pond? Over here actors like Patrick Stewart, Ian McKellen, and Helen Mirren are regarded as national treasures, and there is a genuine feeling of warmth that you get when you hear their voices. This thought […]

First View Movie Review – The Muppet Christmas Carol

Maybe it’s a generational thing. I was starting college for the first time when The Muppet Show was first aired. I’ve never seen Sesame Street. Well, not more than the odd clip on TV; enough to be aware of some of the history of the beasts. Throw into the mix the absence of children to have to […]


Classic Movie Rewatch Review – Die Hard

Die Hard is, without doubt, a cracking action film. A Christmas film though? Well, it has a weary traveller, a pregnant woman, gifts, and celebrates the value of family and the spirit of friendship. Add to those the soundtrack, the fact it takes place at an office party (a real one, mind, one with a jerk […]


Rewatch Review – Last Christmas

A lot of films take their titles from pop songs. They tend to then follow one of three paths. 1, There is nothing to do with the song in the film other than, perhaps, a play of the song part way through, e.g. American Pie, Whiplash, Stand By Me. 2, The song is a pointer to […]

Rewatch Review – The Nightmare Before Christmas

Full disclosure… I am a big Tim Burton fan.  I’ve seen and enjoyed all of his films. Yes… even his Planet Of The Apes! And the thing is that you tend to think of him as a live action director, albeit with an eye for the more cartoonish aspects of life.  So, is that why he […]


Christmas Movie Review – Happiest Season

Happiest Season is a Christmas film. I thought I’d better just make that clear given the article elsewhere! Anyway, this is a Christmas film through and through. The essence of it is a couple going away to spend the holidays with one of the families. It’s a fairly standard rom-com where one of the couple […]

Rewatch Review – The Man Who Invented Christmas

A lot of what we now think of as Christmas traditions going back centuries actually started out as little more than whims of fashion — many of which are less than two hundred years old. The Man Who Invented Christmas tells the story of some of those fashions. When Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol there wasn’t really a […]

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