Christmas Classic First Watch Review – Holiday Inn (1942)

I’ll admit to being a bit confused by Holiday Inn. I intended to see the film with the song White Christmas in it and, obviously went for the one called White Christmas. Now I knew that Bing Crosby sang White Christmas but I was also fairly confident that Fred Astaire was in it. Oh…I love […]

Christmas Classic Rewatch Review – Scrooge (1951)

Elsewhere I wrote about how and why A Christmas Carol was written and how it’s been adapted many times on screens both large and small. It’s the most often adapted of all of Dickens’ works, with over thirty film outings. Oliver Twist comes second with a mere eighteen.  It’s been faithfully followed from the original, […]

Indie Movie Review – Red Pill

As is usual when there’s anything to do with American politics I always tend to get confused. The colours are the wrong way around, you can only take part if you’re a multi-millionaire, and there’s no one further to the left than the centre right. So when the IMDb summary reads… “The eve of the […]

Indie Movie Review – Krays: Code Of Silence

Krays: Code Of Silence is another look at the story of the, rightly, notorious Kray twins, Ronnie and Reggie. That might sound a bit like a “ho hum, here we go again” introduction but, trust me, it’s not meant like that. Some stories bear repeating, Robin Hood is an obvious one, and I’ve written previously […]

Indie Movie Review – A Stalker In The House

A Stalker In The House, or Stalker House (the former is how it’s listed on IMDb,  while the latter is what it says on the title cards), is one of those films which has you looking at the screen aghast and thinking, “did you really just do that,” when one of the characters does or […]

Indie Movie Review – Escape From Death Block 13

  Time… it’s a funny old thing when you get down to it. Your top rank physicists say that time is only experienced psychologically and is fundamentally unreal. We all know time is a flexible concept; thirty seconds is a blink of the eye in the arms of a loved one, but seems to last […]

Tes Yeux Mourants 01

Indie Movie Review – Tes Yeux Mourants/That Cold Dead Look in Your Eyes

I have to admit that I was left quite confused by Tes Yeux Mourants a.k.a. That Cold Dead Look In Your Eyes. For a start there’s the name; it’s listed by the French version first on IMDb but the actual title card shows the English version as the main one with the French version as […]

Indie Movie Review – The Pebble And The Boy

Believe it or believe it not, I am of an age whereby the phrase “Are you a mod or a rocker?” was more of a threat than a curious inquiry. Quite simply, if you gave the wrong answer you would be introduced to a world of pain. It was one of those questions used to […]

Indie Movie Review – The Mutation

I’ve seen quite a few independent films over the last year or so, thanks to my wonderful editor Jilly sending me links to films to watch and review. Some have been exceptionally good, while others have been unremittingly dire. Unfortunately, The Mutation leans toward the latter. It is unoriginal, poorly performed, confusingly set, and riddled […]

Indie Documentary Review: Smoke And Mirrors – The Story Of Tom Savini

Lucky me! Two documentaries in one day. This one is about a guy who is, apparently a horror effects wizard. I assumed that I wouldn’t have a clue who he was what with me not being the big horror fan. Imagine my surprise then when I saw the first few seconds and thought “oh… it’s him!” […]

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