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Best of British Biographies – Ewan McGregor

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away… Well, a bit over fifty years ago on the banks of the River Tay in Scotland, Ewan Gordon McGregor OBE was born. His parents were both teachers so we are very lucky that he didn’t decide to follow in their footsteps. If he had, we […]


Best Of British Biographies – Danny Boyle

I’m sure that I’ve said somewhere else that, way back in the nineties, I bought a house based mainly on the proximity to the Davenport Theatre. It was couple of hundred metres away and I could walk around, get a pint or two, and watch a film. As the name suggests, it was originally a […]

Best Of British Biographies – David Warner

It was quite sad to hear, today, of the death at the age of eighty of David Warner. To be honest, though, most people with only a passing interest in cinema might say “David who?” But it would only take a quick look at a photo of him in one of his many film roles […]

Best of British Biographies – Tom Hiddleston

There’s an astronomical term known as the standard candle. This is an astronomical object that has a known absolute magnitude. By knowing this you can use it to compare with other objects and, therefore,  work out how big and bright they are. For me, Tom Hiddleston is something of a standard candle in that we’re […]

Best Of British Biographies – Karen Gillan

Elsewhere in this blog you will find me banging on about the talent coming out of the small but amazingly beautiful country of Wales. The thing is that something very similar can be said about Scotland…well, apart from the size that is. Scotland is nearly four times bigger than Wales and has nearly twice the […]


Movie review—Elvis

I’m going to keep this short because Steve T. wrote a nice in-depth review for this movie already. Based on positive reviews I was expecting a really good movie. After seeing it I can say that overall I wasn’t impressed. Pros The acting was superb. Austin Butler did as good a job as can be […]

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits.

Is there anything extra during the end credits of Elvis?

There aren’t any extra scenes during the end credits. However, there are remakes of several Elvis songs done by other artists that play as the credits roll. Also, some TCB jeweled graphics that are cool to see. The credits run for approximately 9 minutes. [/wbcr_text_snippet] Read the RunPee movie review for Elvis by Steve T.. Movie review […]


Movie Review – Elvis

I like Elvis’s music. I have enjoyed Baz Luhrmann movies. Music always conveys emotion, it’s fun to see it being used to help convey a story as well. In short, I liked the movie a lot. It was hard to sit there and not sing along. Movie soundtracks help me enjoy a lot of different […]

5 Quirky Facts About Elvis Presley You Might See In “Elvis” The Movie

“The King” of rock and roll was a pretty quirky guy. The new Elvis movie hitting theaters this month will include some of the most interesting quirks and facts about Elvis Presley. What does “TCB” mean and what does it has to do with the “Memphis Mafia?” What were Elvis’s last words, and what’s with […]

Best of British Biographies – Christian Bale

Some actors can adopt any number of accents. Others are comfortable under pounds of prosthetics. Yet more can slim down, bulk up, or stack on mountains of muscle. It takes someone very special to be able to manage all three. I would argue that one such actor is Mr Christian Bale. To be honest, the […]

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