A Jurassic Park Short: Battle at Big Rock (YES, it’s canon)

If you haven’t yet, watch the canon Jurassic World short: Battle at Big Rock. The main thing to understand is that this takes place officially and immediately after the end of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and before Jurassic World Dominion. SPOILERS: Don’t read any further if you have not seen JW2: Fallen Kingdom, or don’t […]


Movie Review – Downton Abbey: A New Era

Downton Abbey 2: A New Era is a beautiful mess. It absolutely did what it set out to do, which is provide comfort viewing for long-time fans. With six seasons, two movies now, and a cast that won’t quit growing, casual fans will probably just be stopping by for the costumes and pageantry. Fortunately, those […]


You’re saying it wrong: The Benedict Cumberbatch Name Generator

  Of course, the wacky people in Britland can’t be bothered to say superhero actor Benedict Cumberbatch properly. It’s too much effort and a lot more fun to get it astoundingly, satisfyingly wrong. Cumberbatch — er, Cumberbund? — seems okay with this. Say his real name enough times and you start wondering what is correct, […]

Accidental Rewatch Movie Review: A Merry Friggin Christmas (2014)

  Let me get this off my chest: A Merry Friggin Christmas is a terrible movie. It’s even worse to compute, knowing the absolute talent behind it. Here’s my experience: after a first watch — then re-watch immediately again — of Dan Harmon’s cult classic Community, I wanted more of the same humor, heart, and […]

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits.

Is there anything extra during the end credits of Uncharted?

There are extras after 2 minutes of the title credits in Uncharted. Ths is a must-see extra scene. You can leave after that. The credits run for approximately 8 minutes. [/wbcr_text_snippet] Read the RunPee movie review for Uncharted by Jill Florio. Movie review grade: B+ We have 4 Peetimes for Uncharted. Learn more. About The Peetimes This is was a […]

Movie Review – Uncharted

Cute, cute, cute. Stir together several heapings of The Goonies, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Raiders of the Lost Ark, fold in Tom Holland’s Spidey-like chattiness, and Uncharted is a tasty treat hitting the theaters right now. Indiana Jones is personally name-dropped, because, how could it NOT be, when the leads are crawling around ancient […]


Movie Review – Death on the Nile

Really disappointing, especially as I liked Kenneth Branagh’s Murder on the Orient Express (2017) so very much. As in Orient, Death on the Nile is fabulously scenic and lush, with a great cast that seems to be trying to make a better movie out of this. Maybe at two hours and seven minutes, the movie is just too long […]


Movie Review – The King’s Daughter

Adorable, charming, lush, great storytelling. I was super surprised at the loving care shown to detail in this little movie. The King’s Daughter was incredibly good-natured. I found myself smiling the whole way through; a rarity. That’s when I realized this might be A+ territory. Pierce Brosnan (as the Sun King, Louis XIV himself) has never been […]

Movie Review – Redeeming Love

I went into this thinking it would just be work and that I’d watch Spider-Man: No Way Home again afterward for my reward. To my great surprise and pleasure, Redeeming Love is a wonderful film about the Wild West, the Gold Rush, and women’s agency. It’s never boring, the characters are well-drawn and acted, the costumes are perfection, […]

Movie Review – Hotel Transylvania 4: Transformania

A solid B movie in terms of animation values, high-quality celebrity voices, low-key warm humor, and a fun direction the plot spins off into. It’s damn hard to get a franchise right in every iteration, but somehow the under-the-radar work in the Hotel Translyvania oeuvre manages to make a good little story each time. They aren’t up […]

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