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The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.

RunPee Weekly: The Jurassic Edition

Is Jurassic World: Dominion a JW3, or a JP6? We’re leaning towards the Jurassic Park 6 moniker, since the old and new gangs are together, and everything happening in the movies follows a certain hubris-laden message and some scary, probably inevitable, logic. Life finds a way.

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It’s…it’s a dinosaur…!

We got lots of dino articles for you this week. Enjoy Dan’s Jurassic World: Dominion write-up, or get up to date below with our Jurassic Era rewatches and reviews linked below.

Let’s be honest, we’ve got so many articles it’s easier just to gather them all together in our brand new dino-hub, our Tyrannosaurus List!

Jurassic Park and other Dinosaur Films and Related Articles (lots and lots of dino-stuff; take a look)…


New Movies This Week

lightyear_square Lightyear
starring: Chris Evans, Keke Palmer, Dale Soules
runtime: 1 hour 44 minutes
genres: Action | Adventure | Animation
rating: [PG] Action/Peril
directed by: Angus MacLane
Peetimes: I have three good Peetimes. I would recommend the 2nd one.

RunPee News

Jurassic Park

Where it all started. Do you remember seeing it for the first time? Do you remember believing those could have been real dinosaurs?

Grade: A+

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

The inevitable sequel. A second island? Who knew it! Who can we get back from the first outing? How about Jeff Goldblum carrying an entire movie? This one stands up better than it has any right to, with amazing set pieces.

Grade: A-

Jurassic Park III

Hmmm…that didn’t make as much as the first one, let’s have a reshuffle and try again. Tia, please stop screaming!

Grade: C-

Jurassic World

It’s nearly fifteen years later. Let’s have another go, but with new people and up to date CGI. We can even be a wee bit self-referential.

Grade: B+

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Let’s make another one! What did Omar Sy say in Jurassic World…”These people never learn.” Too bad the second half of the film wasn’t as prime as the beginning.

Grade: C-

Jurassic World Battle At Big Rock (2019 Official Franchise SHORT)

Take ten minutes to watch this canon bit of fun taking place moments after  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom, and before Dominion. You’ll enjoy this. Family-friendly, small story, great extra bits.

Grade: B+


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