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Why RunPee is Not a Trending Topic on Twitter

Well, I FINALLY figured out why – with all the Tweeting about RunPee – we’ve never made it as a Twitter “Trending Topic.” Apparently, you have to be insane. For example, here is a series of Tweets over a three minute span, about the USA TV show Burn Notice: FleurDeLyn @BurnNotice_USA Burn Notice Burn Notice […]

The Ten Types of People you’ll see Using RunPee

Who needs RunPee? We’d like to say everyone. But we’ll admit some need movie breaks, AKA PeeTimes, more than most. Here’s our Top Ten List of RunPee Users, in no particular order: Pregnant Women Moms with Young Kids in the theater Small Bladdered Types (you know who you are. I am one) Senior Citizens (with […]

RunPee is Tweeting Too Hard

We found a cute Tweet meme called TweetingtooHard and wanted to be a part of it. Basically, it’s a application where people submit boastful, self-serving, backpatting tweets. Here is Dan’s beaut: RunPee: “Trying real hard to keep it humble.But 15,900 results for Googling “RunPee Genius” is making it difficult.” *** We’re at Number Three in […]

Buy a Lifesize Urinary Bladder with Two Kidneys

If you’ve ever wondered just WHERE you could get yourself your very own life-size bladder and kidney replica, look no more. We’ve found it for you at Amazon.com. These babies are “natural sized” and look just like what you carry around inside your torso (we assume). Also includes ureters, adrenal glands, a prostate of your […]

Movie review : Orphan

Orphan PeeTimes for Orphan are up. Our reviewer told us there is only one decent PeeTime (35 minutes in), so we suggest using that as a proactive pee break. That way you can enjoy the non-stop second half of the movie! CREEPY! ——————————————– What do you think about Orphan? Share your thoughts about the movie […]

Why We’re Not RunPoo

A few RunPee fans have asked why we don’t list PooTimes, or wondered why we don’t start a sister site about pooping during movies. I know it’s all in good fun, but to answer a silly question seriously, we really think that if you have to RunPoo during a film, it’s probably pretty urgent. You […]