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7 Best Educational Programs for Future Screenwriters

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Screenwriting is indeed an art. That said, establishing your screenwriting career is not only about beautiful writing; you also need to know the ropes of the industry. It can help you understand the different elements of screenwriting. Most importantly, it will give you exposure in the industry.

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So if writing is your passion and you find yourself offering essay helper services to your fellow students, it might be time to take your skill to the next level. Here is a list of the best screenwriting programs available across the world.

University of Southern California, Writing for Screen and TV

USC’s MFA in screenwriting is a renowned program sought after by students in the country. Its success can be attested by famous alumni, including Judd Apatow, and George Lucas among many others.

The college has both undergraduate and graduate programs for screenwriters. That said, the course is also highly selective. Only 26 undergraduates and 32 graduates are given admission every year. Students learn to write dramatic scenes, story structure, treatments, and more. There is also an emphasis on film history, theory, and economics. Overall, the course will give a well-rounded experience on screenwriting and other aspects of the film industry.

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University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), MFA Program in Screenwriting

What place better than Hollywood to learn about screenwriting? The School of Theatre, Film, and Television at UCLA has a two-year MFA course for aspiring writers. Students can build their portfolios based on a feature film or television writing. However, students are encouraged to gain exposure to both.

This program has a long line of alumni responsible for some of the most brilliant movies ever written. A few notable names include Francis Ford Coppola, Laeta Kalogridis, Eric Roth, and many others. The program also attracts esteemed guest speakers from the western film industry.

London Film School, MA Screenwriting

If you are intrigued by the British film industry, then LFS has a prestigious screenwriting program for writing. The MA is demanding and intense, but extremely rewarding as well. Anyone who wants to polish their writing skills or filmmakers who wish to venture into screenplays can apply for the program.

Along with screenwriting, the program also focuses on developing the students’ entrepreneurial capacities. The tutors are experienced educators and professionals in distinct areas of film making. The students are also exposed to high-profile visiting professionals who share their insights.

New York University Tisch School of Arts, Masters in Dramatic Writing

The Tisch School of Arts is coveted for its creative programs, and dramatic writing is one of them. This two-year graduate degree teaches students in three mediums of dramatic writing: film, theater, and series.

The courses aim to cross-train learners in more than one niche to make them flexible and stronger writers. The curriculum includes core writing classes, production process, text analysis, and pre-professional training.

For those seeking a shorter program, Tisch also offers a summer screenwriting certificate course. The training covers playwriting, screenwriting, and television writing.

For those seeking a shorter program, Tisch also offers a summer screenwriting certificate course. The training covers playwriting, screenwriting, and television writing. However, in case you do not have a chance to join the program but still need writing assistance, custom essay writing help is available at all times. Regardless of your assignment, the team of professional writers will help you master your paper. Then, you can use their works as a reference to enhance your writing skills.

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Beijing Film Academy, Masters in Film Scriptwriting

If you want to get a taste of the international movie industry, the Beijing academy has quite a worldly reputation. They have an entire department dedicated to screenwriting and film studies.

The training is more focused on practical experiences rather than classroom sessions. In addition, students also get to take part in research projects in the country. There are also opportunities to gain international exposure through scholarships. The duration of the master’s degree program is two years, which is also accessible for professionals at work.

University of Texas, MFA in Screenwriting

The Radio-Television-Film at UT is ranked as one of the best US film schools in the country. The screenwriting program is particularly famous for its affordability and success. Only a handful of students are accepted every year, and as such, students will get individual attention and encouragement.

The first semester is for students to learn about story structure, dialogue, and conflict. In the next three semesters, students are required to develop three original feature screenplays. The college also encourages students to intern to gain more industry-related experience.

Columbia University, Graduate Program in Screenwriting/Directing

The Columbia School of Arts is yet another famous institute for both undergraduate and graduate programs in writing. The specialized MFA program in screenwriting is highly regarded for its rigorous approach to teaching. The five-year course includes workshops in producing, directing, and screenwriting.

In the first year, students should work on short scripts, as well as direct an 8-12 minute film. The second-year involves a thesis and a few electives to choose from. From the third year onwards, there are no courses for credit. However, students should regularly meet up with counselors for developmental work on thesis ideas.


As you can see, each college is unique in its training approach and is intensive in its own ways. If you choose to take the college path to be a screenwriter, these are some of the best schools that can offer you high grounds of education and industry experience.

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