How to Watch Your Favorite Movies In Any Country In The World?

Learn how to watch your favorite movies even if you are abroad. Is it completely secure to use VPNs? Are they worthy?

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How to Create a Good Movie on a Low Budget

It can be a very frustrating experience to try to create a good movie with a low budget. You have to make some very tough decisions, and you have to do it early too. In addition, you must get many things correct as you have little or no room for mistakes. While you may get […]

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7 Best Educational Programs for Future Screenwriters

Source: Screenwriting is indeed an art. That said, establishing your screenwriting career is not only about beautiful writing; you also need to know the ropes of the industry. It can help you understand the different elements of screenwriting. Most importantly, it will give you exposure in the industry. So if writing is your passion […]

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CoVid Life: How to use the bathroom in movie theaters

Theaters are open again for large screen film fun. Not all, but some intrepid theaters worldwide have opened their doors. You should help support your local theater if you’re lucky enough to live near an open one, if you feel safe enough to get out there. But… you still need to use the restrooms to […]

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Top Tech Skills to Fight Unemployment during COVID-19

Personal note from Dan Gardner, CEO of RunPee. The good people at asked me to share this article on our blog here. Their goal is to help people who have lost their job(s) due to Covid-19. I’m a software developer by trade. In fact, I created the RunPee app as a portfolio project to […]

Covid news: What to expect when you return to the movie theater

Movie theaters are reopening across America — although not yet here in North Carolina where I live. If you’re planning on going to the theater to see a movie, here are some things to look out for so you’ll have a comfortable and safe experience. First. The movie theaters want you to be safe Obviously, […]


Back To the Movies We Go: Once more unto the breach!

I don’t know if anyone’s noticed, but there’s been a bit of a hiccough vis-à-vis watching films in the cinema for the last five months or so in that, well, there haven’t been any! Once COVID-19 started getting serious, the cinemas were closed down for the good of public health and safety, along with anything […]


Pandemic got you stressed? Self-Care Strategy

Our very own ‘RunPeep’ DanaSimone has released her second book: the Female Masterpiece Gratitude Journal. While she’s been journaling for a few years now, she discovered during the pandemic that writing helped her mental health on so many levels. In DanaSimone’s first book, What’s In Your 24? How To Get It Done Without Getting Outdone, […]

RunPee Weekly Newsletter – April 29th, 2020

  The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. ​ ​ Shawn of the Dead Reprise – CoVid-19 Advice from Simon Pegg “Hey, so what’s the plan?” Does that bring back fond memories of everyone’s favorite Zombie comedy? If so, you have to […]


Shawn of the Dead Reprise – CoVid-19 Advice from Simon Pegg

“Hey, so what’s the plan?” Bringing back fond memories of everyone’s favorite Zombie comedy Shawn of the Dead, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost  reunite to share words of sage CoVid-19 advice. During the world’s real-time quarantine, Shawn and no-longer-zombified Ed chat about the viral apocalypse. Using the same chipper tone as the 2004 classic, Shawn […]

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