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How to Write a Film Analysis Essay?

A film analysis essay writing is a type of academic task that professors may assign to find out what students think about the movie they have seen and to check their general understanding of the motion picture. In a nutshell, this essay is similar to a review.   To do a deep and comprehensive analysis, […]


Top 10 Best Cannabis Movies to Watch with Friends

When it comes to entertaining, you have plenty of options. You can watch the game on TV, play games with friends, or maybe even go to dinner and catch a show in the town. However, sometimes you want to sit at home, have some snacks and drinks, and watch something that will not require additional […]

Vaping Scene Show Up In The Hollywood’s Movi

Vaping Scene Show Up In The Hollywood’s Movies

The bond between smoking and Hollywood movies has grown with time. Rogue characters smoking a cigar or business proposals in smoke lounges – we can recall at least one movie with such a scene. With modern media, there is a more conscious depiction of smoking. And we have now progressed to e-cigs. Also, recent Hollywood […]

Netflix Serials Which Show Student’s Life

Learning creates curiosity in students to discover more. They can discover and learn a lot by watching a series about students’ lives. They learn how to socialize better, be in relationships, and learn education skills. Since 2013, Netflix has produced more than 1,500 titles. They include TV shows and movies, with some having more than 50 […]

5 Movies to Inspire Creative Writing

Writing can be exciting and significant. However, you don’t always feel inspired to write. You are not the only one who sometimes has this feeling; even the best writers experience this. Most writers get stuck with a piece of writing, which can happen to any form of writing, be it creative writing, academic writing, e.t.c. […]


Inspiring Movies that Will Boost Your Motivation to Study

When you are a student, there are certainly times you feel overwhelmed and lack motivation to complete your assigned learning. Textbooks feel heavier, workload seems unmanageable and the whole experience overall looks just too heavy on you. On such occasions you need some help to go further and find your motivation once again. Such can […]


10 Inspirational Films to Help Children Learn Maths

When inspired, we follow our dreams and goals without tiring. Little children are no different. Inspired and motivated, kids can move mountains just like adults. But what if nothing seems to motivate your little darling to study math? First, you can try fun math games, songs, or a play-based approach to learning math for children […]


The 5 Best College Movies to Watch

Whether you are already in college or just a recent high school graduate, college movies can be a great way to stay in touch with campus life after graduation. Here are the 5 best movies for college students. The Waterboy An absolute classic, The Waterboy is a hilarious college movie that follows the story of […]

Five great movies that give us excellent essay subjects

Great movies are outstanding works of art. Mastered and the start of the last century, the visual arts have come to shape the modern world. Humans are primarily visual creatures and few things will ever be as stimulating as actually looking at a scene, instead of reading about it in a book. However, it is […]


Top 7 Movies That Have Depth And Substance To Inspire Analysis

Not only do books inspire students to write an essay or a review, but certain movies do too. A film with a strong plot, extraordinary narration, and gripping storytelling is worth writing an essay on. This article will tell you how movies can inspire analysis. Stay tuned; a lot is on the way. Good Will […]

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