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10 Inspirational Films to Help Children Learn Maths

When inspired, we follow our dreams and goals without tiring. Little children are no different. Inspired and motivated, kids can move mountains just like adults. But what if nothing seems to motivate your little darling to study math? First, you can try fun math games, songs, or a play-based approach to learning math for children […]


The 5 Best College Movies to Watch

Whether you are already in college or just a recent high school graduate, college movies can be a great way to stay in touch with campus life after graduation. Here are the 5 best movies for college students. The Waterboy An absolute classic, The Waterboy is a hilarious college movie that follows the story of […]

Five great movies that give us excellent essay subjects

Great movies are outstanding works of art. Mastered and the start of the last century, the visual arts have come to shape the modern world. Humans are primarily visual creatures and few things will ever be as stimulating as actually looking at a scene, instead of reading about it in a book. However, it is […]


Top 7 Movies That Have Depth And Substance To Inspire Analysis

Not only do books inspire students to write an essay or a review, but certain movies do too. A film with a strong plot, extraordinary narration, and gripping storytelling is worth writing an essay on. This article will tell you how movies can inspire analysis. Stay tuned; a lot is on the way. Good Will […]

drone near beach photography

Our Favorite Drone Shots From Hollywood So Far

Drones have been used for quite some time, what was once an occasional tool in the hand of the directors in Hollywood are now regulars on the film set. The eagle-eyed can find one of the most prominent recent examples of how they’re now used to a significant effect on the Netflix movie, Red Notice, […]


How to create a movie-like interior design?

We’ve already talked about the last Wes Anderson movie “The French Dispatch” which shows us, as usual, some really outstanding interiors. So, didn’t it inspire you on some renovations in your own home? If your answer is yes and you are looking for some cinematic design decision this article is for you. Let’s think about […]

woman wearing white sleeveless top smoking tobacco while standing near blue sea under white and blue skies during daytime

The Most Popular Movies/Documentaries About the Dangers of Vaping

Vaping in Society The immense popularity of vaping has been surprising for many at first, but now everyone just takes it for granted. Vaping is a real alternative to smoking. Firstly, it was even considered healthy, but now all of us know that vaping is as harmful as smoking because a person gets nicotine in […]

The 7 Movies all Modern Marketers should watch

Movies are a great escape from the real world, providing entertainment and a way to unwind after a working day. However, some movies can actually inspire us to be better at working ourselves. It may sound strange, but watching a good movie provides an unconventional way to reflect on your own career and discover new […]

Betty White’s Best Movies

Betty White has been a legend of Hollywood for decades, and her death on December 31st 2021 left people all over the world grieving her loss. White had actually held the Guinness World Record for working longer in television than anyone else, a staggering 83 years.  As well as being the star of so many […]


Best Movies about Magic now streaming on Netflix

The only thing more amazing than movie magic is when movies are actually about magic. Whether it’s the sight of flight or exploration of a world with otherworldly creatures, there are many movies to choose from when it comes to the topic. Here are five films to consider catching on Netflix if you want to […]

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