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Try it for free (Learn more.)

Indie Documentary Review – Smoke And Mirrors: The Story Of Tom Savini

Lucky me! Two documentaries in one day. This one is about a guy who is, apparently a horror effects wizard. I assumed that I wouldn’t have a clue who he was what with me not being the big horror fan. Imagine my surprise then when I saw the first few seconds and thought “oh… it’s him!” […]

Movie Review – Austin Powers In Goldmember

Just as it took less than a hundred years to go from the first powered flight to flying being an everyday method of commuting like the bus or a train, I wonder if we’ll ever see the day when time travel goes from being the latest technological miracle to something we use to fix trivial […]

No Time To Die Again: Views Following A Bond 25 Re-Watch

Elsewhere there are my initial thoughts on No Time To Die as well as Dan’s first impressions. Maybe because we had slightly different views on Daniel Craig’s final outing as Bond I thought I’d go back and take another look. This wasn’t a hardship to me in the slightest; I knew it would be a […]

Indie Documentary Review – I’m An Electric Lampshade

My word… this makes a change! Normally I spend the first couple of paragraphs bitching on about how this film is not the genre I usually like or that film is aimed at a totally different demographic to the one I inhabit and then go on to use that as my reason for not liking […]


Indie Movie Review – Demigod

  Film makers have their own styles… who’d have thought it! Actually, I can spot the big ones; the gothic imagery of Tim Burton, the breathtaking visuals of Luc Besson, or the exquisitely choreographed violence of John Woo. I have to admit that I’m not as au fait as some others, the ones who can […]

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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #79 (September 15th, 2021)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. Marvel Studios’ Hawkeye Official Trailer Kicking off the big fall-winter Marvel lineup, this Disney+ show features arguably the most under-developed Avenger. The upcoming series follows in the “long-form movie” streaming format that worked pretty well […]

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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #75 (August 18th, 2021)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. Free Guy Ryan Reynolds doesn’t get enough credit for his acting. He doesn’t put himself in really demanding roles and most of his characters are a variation on Deadpool. But he is exactly what this […]


Could You Survive The Movies?

If you’re a lover of movies, you will appreciate suspending your disbelief and immerse yourself in a fictional story. However, once you are done with the film, you will have the time to sit down and think about the movie. Only then can you discover the incredulous nature of many scenes in the movie, and […]

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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #74 (August 11th, 2021)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. NEW Blockbuster: The Suicide Squad One of the better movies in the DC Universe (DCU). But we expected that from writer/director James Gunn. The movie has plenty of humor and charm mixed in with over […]

There are extra scenes during, or after, the end credits.

What is the on-screen tribute at the very end of the credits of The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard?

Remember near the end of the movie Michael (Ryan Reynolds) selects two Interpol agents to help them? Those two agents turn out to be the decoys who get shot and then blow up when their boat hits a tanker, as Michael and Darius slowly make their way out to the yacht. After the end credits […]

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