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Top 5 Movie Kids Who Are Smarter Than Adults

My Spy opens March 13.  In the preview of this comedy adventure, Dave Bautista gets schooled by Chloe Coleman.  He’s not the first person to be outsmarted by a child on the big screen.  In fact, here’s my list of top 5 movie kids who are smarter than adults. 5. Addie in Paper Moon Tatum […]

Top 3 James Bond Parody Movie Songs

Gotta admit it — the James Bond movies offered some outstanding music over the years, especially in the opening credit themes. But even the Bond “parody” movies do a great job with opening theme songs — both funny and somehow still sounding Bondian. Here are our top three songs from the Bond parody genre. Bond […]


Top 12 James Bond Songs

Of course, listing all the BEST James Bond theme songs will be both 1. difficult and 2. subjective. By which I mean there are so very many great Bond theme songs that all manage a Bondian flair… and my own opinion won’t be the same as yours. Hopefully my choices will make your top ten […]


Peeple’s Poll – Oscars Edition 2020

The 2020 Academy Awards ceremony was last night and the winners are in. Let’s take a look at how all the nominations for Best Picture did in the Peeple’s Poll.

Top 10 Video Game Themed Movies

Sonic the Hedgehog is opening February 14.  (How romantic!)  The popular video game character who debuted on the Sega Genesis is finally getting his own movie.  The film’s initial release date was delayed when the filmmakers decided to rework the character’s design after negative backlash from the fans.  Video game movies are often a disappointment, […]

How is this a thing? Three Funny Hitler Movies

Funny Hitler movies are a genre no one wants to admit they like. Yet there are at least three award-winning, lovable, and thoroughly enjoyable films that take a satiric look at Hitler over time, and make the humor work. Let’s take a look at how this weird phenomena somehow stole our hearts, even as recently […]

Rob’s top 10 favorite movies from 2019

I thought I’d throw in my two penn’orth from across the Atlantic and chip in with a list of my favourite films of 2019. Now, I go to the cinema for one reason…entertainment. My education and work life has always tended to maths and science but film is for fun! As a result, some of […]

Peeples Poll 2020-01-20

Weekly Peeple’s Poll Results for January 20, 2020

It wasn’t a great opening week for DoLittle, which did “little” to impress. (I hazard to guess how many movie reviews used the same wordplay.) Just Mercy continues to lead with viewers. It lead last week as well, but only with only a few handfuls of votes submitted. It now has 100+ ratings and its score […]

Dan’s top 10 favorite movies from 2019

It feels like Avengers: Endgame came out years ago. Was it really just this past spring? But it would hardly matter what year it came out — it would have been the best movie. Here’s my top 10. I’m not going to just pick the 10 movies I rated the highest. (I gave Uncut Gems an A, […]

Jill’s Top Ten Movies of 2019

Here’s RunPee Jilly’s list of top ten favorite films of 2019. Keep in mind that my favorite films may not be ranked the highest as per movie grade. As RunPee Dan says about Uncut Gems, “A film might be graded an A and you still hated watching it.” That’s why I don’t have Rocketman or […]

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