Weekly Peeple’s Poll Results for January 20, 2020

Peeples Poll 2020-01-20

Peeples Poll 2020-01-20

It wasn’t a great opening week for DoLittle, which did “little” to impress. (I hazard to guess how many movie reviews used the same wordplay.)

Just Mercy continues to lead with viewers. It lead last week as well, but only with only a few handfuls of votes submitted. It now has 100+ ratings and its score holds steady. This movie is definitely on my must-watch list, as soon as it comes to DVD.

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Likewise, 1917 will undoubtedly be one of the hits of the year when I do the year-end results for the Peeple’s Poll.

The fan’s consensus for Bad Boys for Life is overwhelmingly positive. You can see the expectation going in wasn’t great, but it performed well in the final results, which is what counts.

If someone reminds me, next week I’ll do an age/gender breakdown of the votes for #BBfL.

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1 thought on “Weekly Peeple’s Poll Results for January 20, 2020”

  1. Good list/ratings. I’m going to take my Mother to DoLittle — DoNothing? — next week at her request. I have no problem with that — RDJ is always fun.

    Saw Little Women this week. Great movie, but not one of my favorites.

    Not sure if I want to see Just Mercy or BBfL. A drama has to be something really special for me to bother. Like 1917, which I think I could watch over and over and still get something new from it. Also, it was totally Frodo and Sam in Mordor!

    I think I will catch Underwater alone, and take someone I know to see Knives Out again. Of course, I can see Star Wars over and over and still enjoy it. Bummer that people have issues with it. It ended the saga well. Full Stop.

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