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Indie Documentary Review – Sacred Cow: The Nutritional, Environmental and Ethical Case for Better Meat

Sacred Cow or Sacred Cow: The Nutritional, Environmental and Ethical Case for Better Meat, to give it its Sunday name, is a documentary about meat. Eating it, preparing it, cooking it, raising it  — from semen collection to serving up… almost. Perhaps not so much of the semen end of the process; that was a different time […]


All the Bands and Albums featured in Vinyl Generation

The new documentary Vinyl Generation features a ton of bands and record albums, including many Czechoslovakian rock bands.  Didn’t get a glimpse of that one album when it flashed on the screen?  Trying to figure out what that song was you liked?  I’ve got you covered. Below is a list of every band, song, and […]

Indie Movie Review: HAM – A Musical Memoir

If you’re like me, you’ve missed live theater during the pandemic.  You watched Hamilton and you’re looking forward to Netflix’s adaptation of The Prom.  May I suggest a one-man show that may not be on your radar yet?  It’s called HAM: A Musical Memoir and it’s playing in virtual theaters now.  Starting January 7, it […]


Indie Documentary Review – Funny Pains (2020)

E.B. White once said, “Analysing humour is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” And that is always a problem when it comes to documentaries about comedy, comedians, or humour in general. Either there are a lot of funny performance scenes, or a lot of serious talking heads […]

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RunPee Weekly Newsletter 30th edition (October 7th, 2020)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes.   Release dates keep slipping back Stop me if you’ve heard this one: “Blockbuster movie gets a new release date”   RunPee News Movie Review – Enola Holmes Enola is Sherlock’s younger — and more […]


Top Astronaut Movies to Rewatch Right Now

Here at RunPee we lean heavily into covering science fiction movies, since we’re huge geeks. You’ve probably noticed. 😉 We especially love movies about scientists and space. There are many wonderful space movies featuring astronauts as heroes…which, of course in real life they are. Think of the training and deprivations these outstanding people undergo to […]


Watching Outbreak in the time of CoVid-19

I recently rewatched the 1994 disaster film Outbreak, because 1. I always loved that movie, 2. kind of dig diseases (I like science, okay?), and 3. there’s a real global pandemic happening right now. You’ve probably heard about that. Also, 4. I needed to get Peetimes for Outbreak, because I’m not the only person currently […]

Movie Review – I Still Believe

This movie hit all the notes you would expect given its genre. There’s no doubt that it will be a crowd-pleaser. The actors did a fantastic job of delivering heartfelt and sincere dialog: that was well written. There’s really not much point in saying anything else. Grade: B About The Peetimes: The middle Peetime is […]

Is there anything extra during the end credits of I Still Believe?

No, there are not any extra scenes during, or after, the end credits of I Still Believe. View details and movie information…

Movie Rewatch Review — Titanic

Is there any movie more touching and exciting than Titanic? And the first time you watch it, it’s completely unexpected. I didn’t even want to see this in the theater, and resisted for months. Fool that I am, I figured, “Yeah, it sinks. I know what happens. Why see it? I was never so glad […]

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