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iPhone Soap

There may be an app for everything…but can you use your iPhone to slough off grime and dead skin cells? We think not. Well, not yet. But there’s an iPhone soap to the rescue! The iPhone soap actually looks like an iPhone. With little apps. If you can’t afford a real iPhone, you might even […]

RunPee on the Moon

RunPee doesn’t have much of an ad budget yet, but when we do, our first big campaign will be marketing our services from the side of the moon. We’d like to see the words RUNPEE writ in ancient moondust, large enough to be seen from the Earth. How, you ask? Check out Moon Shadow Shaping […]

Avoid Flu Germs in When Flying

Travelers on planes are trapped, breathing the same air as dozens of other passengers. Some of these people are bound to be ill, down with a flu or cold, possibly carrying some other contagious microbe. The Independent Traveler says travelers “may be more than 100 times as likely to catch a cold on a plane […]

RunPee.com – Bathroom Breaks Can’t Ruin Holiday Movies

RunPee.com: Bathroom Breaks Can’t Ruin Holiday Movies RunPee.com, an online service, tags the best peetimes for much awaited holiday blockbusters. Orlando, FL (August 19) – RunPee.com, an innovative online service for movie buffs, is turning out to be a must-have for the holiday movie season. RunPee.com lets readers know the best times to “run” and […]

What is RunPee – Really?

Have you ever watched a movie in the theater and just had to pee – really badly – by the end of the movie? You don’t want to leave your seat, because you could miss something important. Your only options are to either: wait for the movie to end, or run and pee during what […]

Tips to Prevent Catching Swine Flu at the Movies

You can still go to the movies this Fall, Swine Flu or no Swine Flu. The trick is being smart about public places. First off, and most importantly – if you are SICK, then stay home. It’s crucial to be considerate of others and not pass along what you’ve unfortunately caught. If your kids are […]

Why RunPee is Not a Trending Topic on Twitter

Well, I FINALLY figured out why – with all the Tweeting about RunPee – we’ve never made it as a Twitter “Trending Topic.” Apparently, you have to be insane. For example, here is a series of Tweets over a three minute span, about the USA TV show Burn Notice: FleurDeLyn @BurnNotice_USA Burn Notice Burn Notice […]

The Ten Types of People you’ll see Using RunPee

Who needs RunPee? We’d like to say everyone. But we’ll admit some need movie breaks, AKA PeeTimes, more than most. Here’s our Top Ten List of RunPee Users, in no particular order: Pregnant Women Moms with Young Kids in the theater Small Bladdered Types (you know who you are. I am one) Senior Citizens (with […]