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Null Movies – Films with a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes

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Black Holes — Movies so bad, not even ratings can escape them. 🙂

Null Movies are a thing

After many weeks discussing how we grade movies at RunPee, from A+ through F-, I thought I was done.

But NOT SO FAST!  There’s an even worse film than the lowly F-. How about a null score that statistically nobody has a good thing to say about it? It’s so far beyond the bottom of the barrel that said movie rusts right through it…so dense that it starts a singularity.

A Null Movie is so far past the event horizon that light doesn’t come back out.

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There’s more total crap out there than you’d think. And so Jill ‘Hatchet’ Florio is back on the job!

Here are the 40 (!) films with a 0% score on Rotten Tomatoes. IGN.com says: “For Rotten Tomatoes to qualify a film for this list it has to have been reviewed at least 20 times by separate outlets.”

Here’s the current list…beware!

Some trash films landing on this list: Super Baby Geniuses 2, Jaws the Revenge (number whatever), Look Who’s Talking Now, Police Academy 4, Return to the Blue Lagoon, Gotti, National Lampoon’s Gold Diggers, Mac & Me, Highlander 2, Bolero, and Staying Alive.

Note that the otherwise reliable John Travolta has more than one 0% film on RT, and that’s not even including BattleField: Earth. Can he get a trophy? What would an empty set trophy look like, and would two of them fit on his mantle?

I’m surprised some A Listers besides Travolta lent their efforts to these lists. Did they need to replace a roof or something?

RunPee doesn’t have a single { } set rating. Probably because I just made the category up. Offhand, we’d be hard pressed to find a film so entirely lacking that there’s nothing good to say about it, in either effects, acting, directing, cast, tone, setting, plot, climax, prettiness, soundtrack, dialogue, costumes, something.

But then, we watch mostly wide-releases. There are, granted, some awe-inspiringly bad indies out there yet to cross my screen. (Even then, they probably fall into the So Bad They Are Good realm — its own category! Think Batman & Robin.)

Movie Grades: { } set

That’s a Null Set: { }. It contains nothing. Not one good accolade. If this is your favorite film category, then I don’t understand you.

Here are all the grade rating articles we’ve pulled together so far at RunPee:

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  • mjprocopio

    I ran some of the Zero movies thru IMDB. Return to the Blue Lagoon 5.2 with 17K ratings. Highlander 2: The Quickening 4.2 with 42K. Problem Child 5.5 with 27K. A Low Down Dirty Shame 6.0 with 6K. I agree none of them are great movies, but I’m often skeptical about RT.

  • Dan Gardner Administrator

    I think Hellboy 2019 should belong to this list. It has an 18% critic and 49% audience rating. Then there’s Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance with a 18% critic and 32% audience. Both were embarrassingly bad movies.

    Travolta is on this list 3 times. That’s just… SAD. I’ll bet Nicolas Cage really feels lucky he dodged this list with the number of dogs he’s been in.

    Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance was directed by Brian Taylor. I looked up his ratings and get this:
    2009 – Gamer (30% critic rating)
    2010 – Jonah Hex (12% critic rating)
    2012 – Ghost Rider: SoV (18$ critic rating)

    The sum of the critic ratings for those three consecutive movies is 50%. Just think of that. He had three movies in a row that were SO BAD that their combined ratings would still be rotten. I have to think that’s a record. No wonder he was benched from the director’s chair for the next 6 years.

  • Jill Florio Administrator

    With Battlefield:Earth, Travolta has at least four null/zero rated movies. You’re right. That’s kind of notably sad.

    There are entire articles about Travolta’s worst films that don’t even mention these.

    Here was my contribution to his choices in Gotti, with links to two other posts mentioning his most infamous movies:


    And Brian Taylor – that’s funny, what you said – did he do anything good enough that balances any of that out? I wonder how many dogs most directors lug around. Even Spielberg has some randoms. And Peter Jackson has some terrible shit along with the high bar of LotR.

    I wonder how low an aggregated score should be to qualify for a null/zero grade. RT isn’t exactly a science. I doubt 18% of reviewers LIKED Hellboy. Maybe they just didn’t hate it as badly as some and RT considered that a good rating.

    In any case, what makes a null score interesting is that we here at RunPee aren’t awarding this grade. Unlike our A through F scale, these aren’t our grades: a null score is based on aggregated reviews.

    I’m going to branch out next and make one for the elite 100% movie scores on RT.

    Maybe Peter Jackson is on both lists!

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