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Movie review : Furry Vengeance

Furry Vengeance Buy the soundtrack for Furry Vengeance iTunes Amazon This was a pretty silly movie, but the kids should like it and the eco-message is very good. Brooke Shields and Brendan Frasier gave it a good go, in a low-budget flick that elicited a few light chuckles here and there from the adults. The […]

Movie review : Date Night

Date Night Buy the soundtrack for Date Night iTunes Sigh. For the two funniest people on television, I was expecting very funny, not mildly amusing. The outtakes showed how enjoyable this film coulda, shoulda have been. I don’t blame the actors. I think the director told them to dial it back and play it straight […]

Movie review : The Bounty Hunter

The Bounty Hunter Buy the soundtrack for The Bounty Hunter Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon With its convoluted plot, you’d think Bounty Hunter might be a waste of time. Who is after who? Which set of bad guys are we looking at? Why isn’t Milo a cop anymore? It doesn’t really matter. The game […]

Movie review : Our Family Wedding

Our Family Wedding Buy the soundtrack for Our Family Wedding iTunes Amazon Surprise sleeper hit! Excellent writing, gales of genuine laughter and an appealing ensemble cast. A+ all around, and an example of how a movie should be done. This was our favorite movie this year, so far. The fathers steal every scene from the […]

Movie review : Cop Out

Cop Out Buy the soundtrack for Cop Out Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon Cop Out was hard to watch. It…um… sucked. It had humor and adventure and really bad guys, with independent but loyal female characters. Some moments provoked a giggle or two. With me so far? Cop Out cast me nostalgically back to […]

Movie review : Edge of Darkness

Edge of Darkness Buy the soundtrack for Edge of Darkness Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon Mel Gibson provides just the right touch in Edge of Darkness – he’s a sweetheart father, a rough Boston cop dedicated to his job, and pretty darned good at psyching people out to give up their creepy intel. He’s […]

Movie review : When in Rome

When in Rome Buy the soundtrack for When in Rome Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon I like Kristen Bell; she is a doll. When in Rome is charming fluff to pleasantly fill an hour and make you want to believe in magic. Maybe. Ignore the plot holes and try to just have fun. The […]

Movie review : Extraordinary Measures

Extraordinary Measures Buy the soundtrack for Extraordinary Measures Purchase at iTunes Purchase at Amazon This was a major disappointment, sad to say. The sick children were perky and adorable, and it was neat to watch Harrison Ford play a crotchety misogynist. And…that’s about it. B- and rent the DVD if you must. Here is the […]