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Movie Review – The Forgiven

First and foremost this movie is definitely 100% a drama. The Forgiven trailer had me interested. The list of actors in it also piqued my interest. The actors did a good job in the movie. When I walked out of the theater, I was happy I saw it and found myself dwelling on it. Thinking […]


Movie Review – Minions: The Rise of Gru

It’s starting to feel like they’re milking this franchise for all the money they can get from it without offering anything substantially new. Rise of Gru doesn’t come close to Despicable Me or the first Minions movie back in 2015. (No way, it was that long ago?) I think the best thing I can say about the movie is that it’s only about […]


Movie review—Elvis

I’m going to keep this short because Steve T. wrote a nice in-depth review for this movie already. Based on positive reviews I was expecting a really good movie. After seeing it I can say that overall I wasn’t impressed. Pros The acting was superb. Austin Butler did as good a job as can be […]


Movie Review – The Black Phone

The Black Phone had my full attention right from the start. Surprisingly, it had Runpee Mom from the get go too. Horror movies are not her thing, she prefers historical movies but I was lucky enough to convince her into going with me. I asked her what she thought as the credits were rolling and […]


Movie Review – Elvis

I like Elvis’s music. I have enjoyed Baz Luhrmann movies. Music always conveys emotion, it’s fun to see it being used to help convey a story as well. In short, I liked the movie a lot. It was hard to sit there and not sing along. Movie soundtracks help me enjoy a lot of different […]


Movie Review—Watcher

Let’s start off with, Watcher was a decent movie. I enjoyed it, but their marketing team might have set up some wrong expectations. Let me explain… The trailers kind of come across as a horror flick. Not as a slashy, gory, or monster kind of horror but a horror movie. IMDB has it listed as […]


Movie Review – The Thing

John Carpenter’s The Thing is an all-time classic in my books. Sci-fi, horror, mystery, suspense, it has it all. Twelve men isolated in an Antarctica post over the winter. Having to deal with an unknown and unimaginable terror. The story really excels at the feeling of isolation and not knowing who to trust. It gets […]


Movie Review – Lightyear

Lightyear was fun and somewhat unpredictable, but it doesn’t live up to the epic expectations set by previous Pixar movies. Let’s face it, Toy Story, Up, Finding Nemo, Inside Out, Incredibles, et al. have set the bar sky-high. If you expect Lightyear to join those ranks then prepare for mild disappointment. There’s nothing wrong with Lightyear; it’s a good movie […]


Movie Review – Watcher

Dear Lord, where to begin? Watcher left me so annoyed that I can’t come up with a really snappy dig on it. This movie isn’t worth the time it would take for me to rip it apart. This will be short and not so sweet. I’m going to put full blame on the director. The […]


Movie Review – The Bob’s Burgers Movie

I’ll be honest, I had never heard of Bob’s Burgers before seeing the trailer a few months ago. I guess it’s a TV series on some network. I totally missed it. I looked up the rating on RottenTomatoes and it has a 98% so far from the audience. It looks like the fans of the TV […]

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