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Movie Review – A Private War

  I’ll start this review by getting one thing out of the way. I’m giving A Private War an A grade, which I don’t award often. And in this particular case, it’s something of a surprise that I’m not failing it with an F. Let me explain: I had a terrible time with this film. […]

Movie Review – Instant Family

  I apologize folks; this review is a little late. Yesterday we welcomed the newest member into the RunPee family. We are now the proud new parents of a Siberian Husky. She is an amazing addition to this quirky family. She now has a forever home and we will fill her life with love and […]

Movie Review – Boy Erased

I’ve been looking forward to this movie for a while now, but as I found out today, it was worth the wait. Boy Erased is an award winning movie, period. My prediction is that this flick will need a mighty big mantle to display all the bling it’ll garner during the Awards Season. The acting […]

Movie Review – Widows

  Widows is a tightly wound drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat with perfect pacing, incredible acting and spot-on directing. I want to give kudos to Joe Walker for the amazing way this movie was edited. In the opening scene, he takes us from a sexy bedroom scene to a chaotic […]

Movie Review – The Girl in the Spider’s Web

  It’s a sad fact: sometimes a good book can make a not so good movie. Such is the case of The Girl in the Spider’s Web. The pacing was frenetic, making the plot hard to follow. There were scenes that went by so quickly, I hardly had time to incorporate them into the movie […]

Movie Review – Nobody’s Fool

  Super funny movie. I laughed (as well as the whole audience) at least 100 times. Tiffany Haddish is hysterical; every one of her scenes were amazing. If you’re looking for a raunchy and sweet comedy, look no more — check this one out. Grade: B+ About The Peetimes: This is an easy movie to […]

Movie Review – Beautiful Boy

Being a retired nurse, I feel qualified to recommend this movie to anyone going through recovery, or any friend or family member who’s trying desperately to stand by their side. Beautiful Boy succeeds —  where so many other have have failed — in showing the insanity of addiction. Never, at any time, did I feel […]

Movie Review – Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen Will Rock You

Tears — check.  Racing heart — check. Goose pimples — check. Foot stomping good fun — check. A deeper appreciation for a beloved musician and band — double check. I love Queen’s music; always have, but I’ll be honest: I knew nothing about the band members and their story, and I’m glad I didn’t, because it made this […]

Movie Review – Mid90s

First off, I’d give Mid90s a solid B. It’s a strange, unhappy little movie. I think it’s worth a watch, but it’s NOT a comedy. Ignore the hype saying that. This is a slightly artsy slice of life about a 13-year-old skateboarding kid who makes some seriously bad choices. I even put an Alert Peetime […]

Movie Review – Hunter Killer

  It’s movies like this that make me love my job. I went in expecting to be bored since this type of movie never appealed to me. After watching this one, I am going to take the weekend to watch Hunt For Red October and any other submarine movie I can find. My eyes were […]

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