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Indie Movie Review – Dear Elizabeth (2022)

Who amongst us hasn’t had a crush on someone? It might be someone who is actually a part of your daily life or, as in Dear Elizabeth, it could be someone who you can only worship from afar. I have to admit that I have an enormous soft spot for Victoria Coren Mitchell for a […]

Indie Movie Review – The Scottish Play

Let’s face it…films are supposed to be enjoyable. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I haven’t done any real research but my guess is that most audiences tend to be fairly evenly divided by those who find Shakespeare enjoyable and those who don’t. Some were put off by having to learn it in school, some were […]

Christmas Indie Movie Review – Christmas In The Caribbean

And so it rolls around again…Christmas! I can’t complain too much though; I’ve already seen three houses with their trees up and Asda have had mince pies on sale since September.  Hell’s teeth, hot cross buns are on sale! I know that a lot of people take the completion of Halloween as the starting pistol […]

Indie Short Review – Yard Kings

I do like a short! I think we’ve all sat through a full length feature film and thought “well, that’s two hours I’ll never get back!” At least with a short film you haven’t wasted too much time. I also remember a time when a trip to the cinema included a short or two before […]

Indie Movie Review – Don’t F**k In The Woods 2 (2022)

I’ll be honest that I was a bit worried sitting down to watch Don’t F* k In The Woods 2 as I hadn’t managed to see Don’t F *k In The Woods. Admittedly, that came out back in 2016 and before I had the opportunity to watch many independent releases. It turns out that I […]

Indie Movie Review – The Nudels Of Nudeland

I’ll be honest…I wasn’t sure what to expect from The Nudels Of Nudeland. The various bits of publicity blurb that I’ve seen say things like “A truly original story” and “A movie ahead of its time” but that wasn’t what I found. For a start, it wasn’t a “truly original story.”  I’m old enough to […]

Indie Movie Review – Project ‘Gemini’

Talk about a game of two halves! Project ‘Gemini’ started off looking far more expensive than the $6.5 million it’s listed as costing. The sets, costumes, and the cinematography were all excellent. The visuals were, undoubtedly, spot on. You would have thought you were watching the latest blockbuster direct from Hollywood. It may just be […]

Indie Movie Review – Stoker Hills

Stoker Hills is one of those films which is a bit like watching a drunk octopus juggling; there are all manner of things up in the air and you’re never sure where and when they’re going to land. There were some good things, some less than good things, some interesting, some not so interesting. First […]

Indie Movie Review – Dreaming Hollywood

There have been a fair few meta films; ones which look at the process, politics and palaver of actually making a film. It is nowhere near as simple as just turning the camera away from the gorgeous, glamorous people who you see on the screen and filming what goes on behind it…not if you want […]

Indie Movie Review – Caveat (2020)

Anybody who’s seen many of my reviews will know by now that horror films are not my most favourite of genres. The jump cuts and use of mood music do little for me and I don’t subscribe to the religious and supernatural mythology that underlie the reasons why things are supposed to be scary. However, […]

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