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Indie Movie Review – Adalynn

I’m not sure how widespread the concept of The Curate’s Egg is  but, just in case, it is something described as partly bad and partly good. In its original usage, it referred to something that is obviously and entirely bad, but is described out of politeness as nonetheless having good features that redeem it. Adalynn most […]

Indie Documentary Review – Back To The Drive-In

The only experience of drive-in cinemas that I’ve ever has been seeing them on American films and TV shows and one time talking to Jill about when she took her niece to see Palm Springs at one. To be honest, drive-ins were in the same category as homecoming, downtown, and yellow buses and taxis…things which […]

Indie Movie Review – Blood Covered Chocolate

When you get an invitation to watch a film called Blood Covered Chocolate you do wonder what it might be about. First thought was a health and safety documentary about unsafe practices on the Cadbury production line. That proved to be wildly off target…quelle surprise!  So what do we have then? Well, we start off […]

Indie Movie Review – This Land

You know how a good film keeps you guessing…yes? They start you down one track and then, all of a sudden, you realise you are on a totally different one. Well, This Land sends you down a whole variety of paths! Thriller, drama, political satire, odd couple comedy, teen romance, and horror. You’re not sure […]

Indie Movie Review – Cram

Terry Pratchett came up with the concept of L-space. He said that the written word had powerful, magical properties and that in large quantities all books warp space and time around them. You’ve heard the saying “knowledge is power”. Well, books are collections of knowledge therefore books are power.  And where do you get a […]

Indie Movie Review – The Burial

There’s an old meme doing the rounds. It goes along the lines of “A best friend doesn’t ask what you’re going to do when they hear that you’ve killed someone. They just say ‘I’ll get my shovel’”. At one point I thought that The Burial was going to be that joke spun out for eighty […]

Indie Movie Review – Renegades (2022)

After you have reviewed a few independent films, I’m on over 120 and counting, you get used to the strictures enforced by a low budget. You only have a limited amount of money, so where do you spend it or, more importantly, where do you save it. We are all used to big budget films […]

Indie Movie Review – Dear Elizabeth (2022)

Who amongst us hasn’t had a crush on someone? It might be someone who is actually a part of your daily life or, as in Dear Elizabeth, it could be someone who you can only worship from afar. I have to admit that I have an enormous soft spot for Victoria Coren Mitchell for a […]

Indie Movie Review – The Scottish Play

Let’s face it…films are supposed to be enjoyable. Well, that’s my opinion anyway. I haven’t done any real research but my guess is that most audiences tend to be fairly evenly divided by those who find Shakespeare enjoyable and those who don’t. Some were put off by having to learn it in school, some were […]

Christmas Indie Movie Review – Christmas In The Caribbean

And so it rolls around again…Christmas! I can’t complain too much though; I’ve already seen three houses with their trees up and Asda have had mince pies on sale since September.  Hell’s teeth, hot cross buns are on sale! I know that a lot of people take the completion of Halloween as the starting pistol […]

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