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Indie Movie Review – Project ‘Gemini’

Talk about a game of two halves! Project ‘Gemini’ started off looking far more expensive than the $6.5 million it’s listed as costing. The sets, costumes, and the cinematography were all excellent. The visuals were, undoubtedly, spot on. You would have thought you were watching the latest blockbuster direct from Hollywood. It may just be […]

Indie Movie Review – Stoker Hills

Stoker Hills is one of those films which is a bit like watching a drunk octopus juggling; there are all manner of things up in the air and you’re never sure where and when they’re going to land. There were some good things, some less than good things, some interesting, some not so interesting. First […]

Indie Movie Review – Dreaming Hollywood

There have been a fair few meta films; ones which look at the process, politics and palaver of actually making a film. It is nowhere near as simple as just turning the camera away from the gorgeous, glamorous people who you see on the screen and filming what goes on behind it…not if you want […]

Indie Movie Review – Caveat (2020)

Anybody who’s seen many of my reviews will know by now that horror films are not my most favourite of genres. The jump cuts and use of mood music do little for me and I don’t subscribe to the religious and supernatural mythology that underlie the reasons why things are supposed to be scary. However, […]

Indie Movie Review – The Pilot: A Battle For Survival/Летчик (2021)

Last week I got to review my first ever Kazakh film (Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It/Жаным, ты не поверишь!); both as a viewer and as a reviewer. I said something about previously thinking of foreign films coming from either Europe or the Far East. Getting one from somewhere in between was a bit of a […]

Indie Movie Review – Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It/Жаным, ты не поверишь! (2020)

When I think of foreign films, I tend to think of either European or Oriental. For Europe it used to be mainly French or Italian but recently I’ve been watching more Danish films thanks to my Mads Mikkelsen obsession. The Far East was mainly Kurosawa or Kung Fu films but Korea has started making a […]

Indie Movie Review – Bite Me (2019)

  So…yet another vampire film. Whenever you think of a vampire film you automatically start thinking of garlic, holy water, stakes, and factor five hundred sunscreen. Let’s just throw it in the “horror” bin and see what comes up next. But wait a minute…Bite Me isn’t really a horror film. Other than the fact there […]

Indie Movie Review – Confession (2022)

I did have to check my CV to make sure that I hadn’t, somehow, ended up as the publicist for Stephen Moyer! It only seemed five minutes ago that I was watching him in Krays: Code Of Silence and here he is again in Confession! Fortunately, as with his turn as Nipper Reed, watching him […]

Indie Movie Review – First Date (2021)

You always have to take how the studios describe their new releases with a pinch of salt. Let’s face it, they do have a dog in the fight and want to see it do well. Sometimes they try and claim a link to greatness; written by Robert De Niro’s gardener for instance. Other times they’ll […]

Indie Movie Review – An Exquisite Meal

Talk about going in cold! Usually there is a bit of blurb or a summary on IMDb to get an idea of what I’m about to see. But, for An Exquisite Meal, this time there was nothing other than the genre boxes which said “Comedy” and “Thriller”. As the running time is only an hour […]

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