Indie Movie Review – Wickedly Evil

Well, sometimes things turn out to be totally different to what you expected! When I was sent the info for Wickedly Evil it was described as a “comedy horror caper”. When the opening credits start  any letters that can have them (W,M,V, etc.) have the pointy bits extended to look like canine teeth. So, when […]

Indie Movie Review – Werewolf Santa

“It never rains but it pours” as the old saying goes. It’s still not Hallowe’en and here I am on my second Christmas film! However, there is nothing, other than the season, that connects Christmas At The Holly Day Inn and Werewolf Santa. One is a heavily seasonal rom-com with a few famous faces, a […]

Indie Movie Review – Christmas At The Holly Day Inn

Ah, the way that the film industry plays with the calendar! We haven’t had Hallowe’en yet and the Christmas films have started! Fortunately, I’m more of a Santa guy than a spooky guy. So, flick on the Gemütlichkeit switch and let’s see what we have to start with. It turns out that we have Christmas […]

Indie Movie Review – 8 Found Dead

Sometimes you develop expectations about a film without any real justification. A young woman, Jessie (Jenny Tran), is driving out to a holiday home to prepare it for the new tenants. It is. remote, isolated, and so far off the beaten track that you’d need tracker dogs to find the track let alone the cabin. […]

Indie Movie Review – The Price We Pay

There are some films which have an ending that is obvious from the first few minutes. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though! For instance, I defy anyone to watch the first ten minutes of Strictly Ballroom and not be able to say how it will finish but that doesn’t stop it from having a […]

Indie Movie Review – End Of Term

It’s funny how things work out sometimes. One of my sources of films to review is the dynamic duo at Aim Publicity…I know them as Deb and Polly. The other day I was sent a screener for a film called End Of Term with a note that included…  “I’m just sending over a screener for […]

Indie Movie Review – Fear The Night

Well, this is a turn up for the books! A hen party goes out to a house in the middle of nowhere. They have a run in with some local men who are planning a robbery and have some hormones to burn off. There’s a bit of a face off as one of the men, […]

Indie Movie Review – The Reverend and Mrs. Simpson

It’s funny how some things jog your memory. By that I mean funny peculiar rather than funny ha ha. One memory that came to mind was from when I was, about, four or five. There was a TV programme which ran weekly in an early evening slot called All Our Yesterdays. The idea behind it […]

Indie Movie Review – Dark Asset

Films featuring someone who has been “enhanced” are far from rare. They range from being almost completely replaced (Robocop), to just being reprogrammed (The Matrix), via chemical alteration both accidental (Lucy) and deliberate (The Bourne Legacy).  And then again, there are whole swathes of films which have people getting a chip inserted into them; Kingman: […]

Indie Movie Review – Final Summer

Last year there was a meme doing the rounds about Top Gun being top of the box office figures, Kate Bush being top of the charts, America and Russia were facing off in another cold war, and inflation was going through the roof. The punchline was along the lines of finding ourselves back in the […]

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