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Best Movies to Improve French Easily

This blog post is for you if you’re wondering what the best movies to improve your French. We’ll go over a list of ten great films that will help you learn and practice your French skills. Most of these movies have been rated highly among critics and audiences alike, so they should be easy to […]

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4 Indispensable Online Resources for Movie Buffs

The internet has changed the world for movie fans, and while it’s easy to miss the nostalgia of video rentals and the old way of doing things, there’s something to be said for having so much at your fingertips. Individual movies might only last for a couple of hours, but they build entire fanbases and […]

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Phone Numbers Used in TV Shows and Movies

You’ve probably seen or heard phone numbers in movies or TV shows at some point. But have you ever wondered if they are real people’s numbers? Maybe you’ve even tried calling these numbers just to see if anyone would pick up. Surely you’ve heard the famous song by Tommy Tutone, called “867-5309/Jenny”. Can you imagine […]

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Where is it better to watch movies at home or in a theater? Let’s look at the pros and cons.

Many people prefer to take a break from everyday life on their days off. On those days, you can visit a theater or restaurant, go for a walk or meet friends, or you can watch a movie in a cinema. Of course, there are those who prefer to watch movies at home. Someone could argue […]

What we know/ What we want from Marvel’s Hawkeye

Jeremy Renner taking down superpowered baddies with nothing more than a bow, an arrow, and a little bit of aim is nothing new, but his character Hawkeye having the starring role in a Marvel-made masterpiece is. Renner is set to star in Hawkeye, the next Disney+ streamed miniseries set to push phase 4 of the […]


The Tarantino Phenomenon or Why Are His Films So Successful?

Quentin Tarantino is one of the most prominent and most renowned filmmakers and directors of all time. His movies are often highly anticipated, and they never disappoint because they end up with very high ratings. He is a skilled writer and director who draws from previous movies’ themes and subjects to create a new storyline. […]

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What the future holds for Hollywood and why Netflix will win

Hollywood studios no longer want to make serious movies, preferring to invest in popcorn-movies. That’s good news for Netflix. The streaming giant keeps taking the best projects from big-name directors and continuing to make money from TV series. Here’s a look at what the future holds for Hollywood and why Netflix will win. Studios don’t […]

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Do You Know Why We Are Obsessed with Superhero Movies?

Movie enthusiasts believe that Americans have a deep-rooted relationship with superhero movies. In 2019, about six hit films were about superheroes. They keep topping the chart this year too. Movies like Avengers, Spider-Man, Captain Marvel, and many others are a sensation. They have caught and retained the public’s fancy. One thing is sure. It’s not […]

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Why are Comic Movies so Popular?

  It is almost a statement of the fact that Americans have a soft spot for superheroes and superhero movies. Yet, as of 2017, more than half of the top 10 grossing films were superhero movies – ranging from Avengers: Infinity War to Black Panther and others. These movies did not only win over the […]

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College Movie Night: Top 10 Films To Watch Before Graduation

Films are the best choice to take a pause and relax during stressful college life. If you are obsessed with exam preparation while practicing your skills as an essay writer or searching for proofreading service for your term paper, stop at least for 2 hours.  We prepared a list of the best films for the […]

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