Movie Review – The Protégé

I didn’t have high expectations going in, and so I wasn’t disappointed. It’s a decent movie with some nice dialog that will make you laugh. Mostly delivered by Michael Keaton, of course. The action was solid, but not spectacular. Maggie Q. was believable in her role as a badass assassin. As advertised, this movie is […]

Movie Review – The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard

If the plot for Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard were a character, it would have been shot in the head and buried in lava within the first 5 minutes. Not only is the plot bad, as the movie goes on it becomes clear that it was bad on purpose, as evidence of a heavy-handed, early 007 approach […]


Movie Review – Spiral

Spiral disappointed me to great lengths. It was really about three minutes in when I figured out I didn’t like it at all. The acting was dreadful. Chris Rock was so stiff in his delivery that he looked like he had a stick up his butt. Yeah, I said it. Stick to standing up — […]

Deep Blue Sea – First View Movie Review

I just watched 1999s Deep Blue Sea for the first time, during Shark Week 2019. DBS is sort of like Jurassic World if the Mosasaurus started hunting the lab techs. With some Samuel L Jackson on the side — although someone else got his famous line. And there’s a nod to Jaws. (Licence plate, but […]

Movie Review – Glass

Glass is one of those movies the fans love and the rest of the world does not. My theater was packed with die-hard Shyamalan fans. There were laughs, and applause throughout the movie. I polled a few fans as they were leaving and it was unanimous; they loved it. And for that, I give the […]

Quiz – Samuel L. Jackson and his Mother “Frakking” Movies

How well do you know Samuel L. Jackson? I’ll bet you’ve seen almost everything he’s done. He can be funny, serious, and even scary at will. I’ll describe the plot: you tell me the movie.[quiz-cat id=”13084″] Thanks for stopping by. If you love quizzes, use the quiz tag to find and take them all! RunPee […]

Why You Need to Care About Carol Danvers – Captain Marvel Facts and Film Updates

Have you noticed the Captain Marvel trailers dropping for the upcoming March 8, 2019 film, set within the (admittedly large and dense) Marvel Cinematic Universe? There’s a lot of speculation on who exactly Ms. Marvel is, how she’s going to fit into the Avengers ongoing storyline, why the movie will be set in the past, […]

Virgin Review – Legend of Tarzan

I thoroughly enjoyed this somewhat lightweight movie. It was a different take on the Tarzan story; a more adult version. Clearly, it was filmed on location, and the African settings were breathtaking. I’m going to have to make a trip to the Congo…and I’d be honored to assume a submissive pose to a gorilla troop (heads […]

Movie Rewatch – The First Incredibles

This movie is really good! I hate using such an imprecise term, but I’m sitting here shocked at how good this animated superhero film is. I’d seen Incredibles when it came out in 2004, and certainly liked it, but now, in 2018, I have a different mindset. Back then I had no idea how…well, GOOD […]

Movie Review of Kong – Skull Island

Since I posted the 2005 King Kong review yesterday, here is my review of this week’s new movie in the genre – Kong: Skull Island.

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