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RunPee Weekly Newsletter #117 (June 8th, 2022)

The app that tells you the best time to run and pee during a movie without missing the best scenes. How Movies And TV Can Provide Stress Relief And Help Your Mental Health Binge-watching a favorite show or movie can be amazing self-care. Movies and TV can also be a way to educate yourself, and […]


Movie Review – The 355

I was extraordinarily disappointed in The 355. The trailers showed great potential but the actual film fell flat as a pancake in my opinion. I could pick this movie apart with a fine-toothed comb but we’d be here all day. So I’ll pick my top two complaints and leave the rest up to you. First, […]


Movie Review – The Night House

What a disappointment! The previews that I’ve been seeing had me really excited to see The Night House. It looked like it was going to deliver us something new and fresh. I think they tried but it fell so flat for me that I was tempted to leave. It was torture finishing it up. I’m […]


Indie Movie Review – Blackstock Boneyard

Blackstock Boneyard, or Rightful as it was originally called, is the story of two landowners who were wrongly accused of robbery, rape, and murder. In order to get a fair trial, they have to sell their land. Actually, they had to sell all their assets to get any sort of a trial as they were Black […]


Movie Review – The House Next Door

The House Next Door was a total bummer. It sucked, get it?  …that was a vampire reference. I was so disappointed that with such an awesome cast the movie was tedious and too long. I read quite a few reviews on this movie and they are all pretty much the same. Save your money and […]


Movie Review – Spiral

Spiral disappointed me to great lengths. It was really about three minutes in when I figured out I didn’t like it at all. The acting was dreadful. Chris Rock was so stiff in his delivery that he looked like he had a stick up his butt. Yeah, I said it. Stick to standing up — […]


Movie Review – Separation

Separation was a big flop. I really tried to like this movie, but couldn’t find one single thing to like about it. From the acting to the disjointed story, it was all a let down. Character development was almost nonexistent, which is part of my gripe. I need to at least be able to sympathize […]

Indie Movie Review – Sacrilege

Sacrilege is one of those films which could have been a reasonable way to kill an hour and a half, in the tradition of the old Hammer horror films, which I remember fondly from sitting up with my father until all transmissions shut down… usually between half eleven and twelve. We’d sit in the front […]

Movie Review – In the Earth

In the Earth should be in the trash can. This movie flopped so bad it reminded me of a fish out of water. The noises they used were horrible. They grated on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard, but worse. It didn’t add to the movie at all, like some sound effects do. Four […]

Indie Movie Review – Death Trip

Death Trip is not a good film. It’s disjointed, overlong, and unengaging. There are a range of mistakes ranging from the small (the four of them draw straws to see who’ll have to sleep in the “haunted” room but, after one person has picked one, he still has four in his hand) to the whole […]

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