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RunPee FamilyNot having professional or writer-educated staff (besides First Officer/COO Jill Florio, who was a journalist and magazine editor back when people still had real jobs), RunPee’s reviews are written from the heart, and are hopefully more useful than what we get from the well-paid critics of Rotten Tomatoes…  Because we send RunPee family members who are actual fans of the genre to get Peetimes and review them.

RunPee Reviews? What Peeps See What?

jill florio

RunPee Jilly likes blockbusters. She fully admits she has tentpole tastes and is not ashamed.

So we have Jill and Dan on sci-fi, fantasysuperhero, and action films; RunPee Sis on horror and comedies; RunPee Mom on animation, childrens’ films, dramas, and historicals; with Dana and Shani on miscellaneous flicks of their choice. Rob and Golden Man like just about everything, and often cover the indies and limited release films that otherwise get sidelined by the blockbuster lineup.

Of course we “RunPeeps” have interest overlap, and don’t always get our first movie choice. Sometimes one of us has to view a film we dislike (or even hate), or is totally out of our expertise to comment on — for example, don’t ask me to see War films, unless it’s Star Wars (or 1917, which rocked!).

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Fortunately we have the best fans in the world who help us by sharing their love of the app with family and friends.

We see hundreds of movies a year; life happens. We try our best to cover them with unique insights.


Chewie is happy with most movies, if his family is any indication in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

RunPee has superior movie reviews!

What makes our movie reviews better is that a typical critic sees every movie willy-nilly and aren’t necessarily fans of each genre. So if they cordially dislike Sci Fi or superhero films, they will piss on them (to use a “Pee” reference) in their reviews. They DON’T GET THEM. We do. We try to make this inequality right.

This element explains the frequent discrepancy between Rotten Tomatoes Critics’ Scores and Audience Scores. Sometimes the numbers variance is huge and seemingly inexplicable. It’s not that Critics are stupid — these are often very educated people — but each critic is not going to appreciate every type of film. They can’t. Could you?


Would you play this game? Seriously. Like, ever?

Critics often grade/rate genre films as if they were the bastard stepchildren of serious dramas. And that’s just wrong. At least, it’s not helpful to die-hard (or at least emergent) genre fans. If you loved, say, Jumanji 2, you should review Jumanji 3, because a built-in fan will have better opinions of its relative worth in the series than someone who didn’t appreciate the first two. If you are a Harry Potter fan who’s read the books, you’ll review it better than a casual fan who doesn’t know what Expelliarmus means. Savvy?

(Ten points if you get the franchise where savvy is a thing!)

To sum up why our reviews are better 😉

We also don’t waste your time merely recapping a movie. You can get the basics from the IMDb and the trailers. We offer our honest insights instead.

RunPee co-founder and CEO Dan says it best, “Our reviews resonate with people because we generally review movies in our favorite genres. The last thing I ever want to read is a review of a Marvel movie by some snooty movie critic. If you’re not a fan of the genre you’re writing about, then how can you expect to write something meaningful?”

You do know RunPee writes reviews, right? Check them out on our blog here or do a search on

Types of Peetimes: recommended, emergency, alert

Why do I only see old movies in the Movie List?

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2 thoughts on “Critic Movie Reviews v RunPee Family Reviews”

  1. As always, I will continue to tell people in movie lines or sitting next to me in a theater…”You absolutely must download this awesome App!” I read your reviews, trust your score card, and always check for extras after the credits. Although I sometimes may disagree with the grade scored for the movie, I will forever appreciate your efforts to entertain, enlighten, and assist those movie lovers like me. I only saw 93 movies this year. A slow year. Keep up the good work. RunPee forever!!

  2. Debra, as always, you’re an amazing friend to RunPee! Thank you for everything you do to help us conquer the world of uncomfortably full bladders.

    I wonder if the difference in your grades sometimes and ours has to do with whether we’ve assigned someone who normally loves that genre to it or not.

    Like Ad Astra, for example. I love space movies and sci-fi…but had issues with this one, being more like a quiet drama with a little bit of “space” background.

    It’s the same with Joker, which was another quiet drama that really wasn’t about superheroes/villains or the known mythology. It felt like they tricked me into seeing it. But it’s going to win a ton of awards bc non-comic fans will appreciate a different look at it.

    Give me Endgame any day. What an amazing accomplishment that the Academy is already overlooking. It should be the Return of the King of genre movies.

    I am really into my genre stuff…but this year there were so many amazing dramas that I think I’m being somewhat fair – Peanut Butter Falcon, 1917, Little Women, JoJo Rabbit, Ford v Ferrari.

    What are your favorite films from 2019?

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