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Try it for free (Learn more.)


Frakking for Fun – 7 Science Fiction Curse Words to Learn and Use

Learn to curse like they do on TV! You can get away with a lot on family television and in real life if you use alien cusses to do your dirty work. Here’s our selection of fabulous F-bombs and shitty stand-ins, bolstered with other colorful language from science fiction television to make your day shiny. […]


Make a Pitcher of Margaritas for your Cinco de Mayo Movie Marathon (with a Latinx themed film list)

  Our RunPee British correspondent never had a margarita. At least not yet. I’m helping him fix this massive oversight, but he probably won’t like them: margs — and tequila — might be an acquired Mexican taste. Or rather, a part of Americana that’s been stolen borrowed from our neighbors South of the Border. Still, […]


Gold Bond to replace James Bond in No Time for this Movie

In a surprise move that shouldn’t have been so surprising, the final Daniel Craig James Bond film No Time to Die has been renamed No Time For This Movie, and James himself has been written out. A quick replacement character, his brother Gold, will appear in the film this Fall. A year ago, No Time […]

Search for movies by genre in the RunPee app

In the newly updated RunPee app you can search for movies by genres. And not just the regular old Action, Adventure, Comedy type genres, but also Robot/AI, Young Adult, Time Travel, and many more. To search movies by genre, tap on the By Title option at the top of the screen — it will display a toggle […]


Get Paid $1000 to Binge-Watch All 24 James Bond Movies before Tomorrow Never Dies

Love 007? Got the stamina for 24 Bond movies all in a row? If you know your Connery through Craig, you can let everyone know it and get yourself some serious superspy cash. Here’s what you need to know: To celebrate the release of the 25th (official) James Bond film, No Time to Die, Nerd Bear […]

A Helpful Guide To Watch Your Favorite Movies With The Best Quality

At times, all you want is to get home after a long day and watch your favorite movie curled up in your bed. However, not being able to find your favorite movies or being interrupted with tons of ads in between can ruin your experience. Furthermore, poor video quality can also be annoying. If you […]

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Remaining Relevant By Updating Your Skills for the Future of Employment

RunPee is providing this as a free PSA for People who are currently working and those who worked for many years before retirement know that the skills required to complete tasks are relative to place and time. The resume that was used to secure the best jobs decades ago is useless in today’s world. […]


RunPee:NX is rebuilt from the ground up and ready for you!

Over the past 8 months we have been working hard to completely rebuild the RunPee app using a new framework (Flutter). The app is much faster than the previous version and best of all, it looks amazing. Everyone who’s tested it has had nothing but compliments on the new design. In fact, when I have […]

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How to write a Movie review guide for dummies

Film reviews are a point of interest for all. Whether you are the audience, a filmmaker, or an actor, writing and reading film reviews can sharpen your ability to critically analyze and evaluate. Once you start writing reviews, you can look beyond the prominent aspects of a filmmaking, e.g., the costume designs.   Did you ever […]

10 Gambling Movies Currently on Amazon Prime and Netflix

If you’re a person who not only enjoys gambling but you also love watching movies, we have a real treat for you. Listed below are some of the best gambling and casino-related movies you can currently find either on Netflix or Amazon Prime. So, if you have some free time on your hands and you […]

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