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Breakdown of Movie Grades from the RunPee Peeps

It sure doesn’t seem like this past year was a good year for movies, but the numbers don’t lie. The single most common grade we Peeps gave to a movie in 2023 was an A, with 26. The second most common was a B, with 17.

Grades given by Peeps

Grade Count
A++ 2
A+ 9
A 26
A- 10
B+ 4
B 17
B- 12
C+ 7
C 5
C- 8
D+ 4
D 6
D- 2

There were 45 movies with an A- or better grade. Here’s the full breakdown.

Grade Count
A- to A+ 45
B- to B+ 33
C- to C+ 20
D- to D+ 12

I thought I was being overly critical of movies this year. I’ll try harder in 2024. 🙂

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Here’s a breakdown of movie grades by individual Peep.


Grade Count (57 total movies)
A++ 1
A+ 3
A 7
A- 4
B+ 1
B 9
B- 6
C+ 6
C 4
C- 7
D+ 1
D 6
D- 2

Ohhhhh, I’m starting to understand what’s going on. It must be my sister who gave away so many high grades.

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January 4, 2019

RunPee is one of my favourite apps. No more googling a film before you see it and risking spoilers, this app has everything you need to know, not just the best time to go to the toilet. Dan, the developer, also offers an amazing customer service experience. I recently switched phones, and Dan was very generous in sorting things out with me as I moved over to my current system. If you’re an avid film watcher, this is the app for you!

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Grade Count (41 total movies)
A++ 0
A+ 4
A 14
A- 3
B+ 3
B 6
B- 6
C+ 0
C 1
C- 1
D+ 3
D 0
D- 0

Nearly half of the movies that RunPee Sis saw in 2023 got an A- or better grade. (21 with an A- or better and 23 for all other grades.) She’s such a pushover. 🙂

There were only 11 other movies added by anyone other than my sister or me; all but one of those movies got an A- grade or better.

Movie length by year

There is a popular assumption that movies are getting longer every year. Yes, it is true but not by as much as you might think. In the past 14 years, the average movie runtime has only increased by 10 minutes. In the past 10 years the average runtime has only increased by 6 minutes.

Year Value
2009 106.5
2010 106.6
2011 106.8
2012 108.6
2013 110.5
2014 110.4
2015 111.3
2016 109.6
2017 110.2
2018 110.4
2022 116.8
2023 116.3

Movie Runtime Count by Year


The chart above breaks down the number of movies each year with runtimes between 90-99 minutes, 100-109 minutes, and so forth.You can see from the dashed-red-line that the 100-109 range is the most common movie length. That’s the case for every year except for 2012 when the most common was 90-99 minutes, and 2016 and 2018 when the 110-119 range was most common.

Number of movies each year with a runtime over 2 1/2 hours.

You can see from the data below that starting after 2020 the number of movies each year with a runtime over 2 ½ hours has more than doubled. Prior to 2020 there are 33 movies with a runtime over 2 ½ hours, for an average of 3/year. After 2020 there have been an average of 7 movies a year with a 2 ½+ runtime. That’s probably what makes it seem like movies are getting longer. However, there’s more to it than just that. Seven movies alone are not going to increase the average runtime for movies in a year all that much.

Year Value
2009 4
2010 1
2011 2
2012 5
2013 4
2014 4
2015 1
2016 2
2017 3
2018 2
2019 6
2020 2
2021 8
2022 7
2023 9

All Movie Reviews from 2023

A++ Dan Gardner A Man Called Otto
A+ Christene Johnson Cocaine Bear
A+ Rob Williams Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3
A+ Christene Johnson Elemental
A+ Rob Williams The Great Escaper
A+ Christene Johnson Trolls Band Together
A+ Dan Gardner Godzilla Minus One
A+ Rob Williams Wonka
A+ Steven Blackman Poor Things
A+ Christene Johnson The Iron Claw
A Christene Johnson M3gan
A Dan Gardner Knock at the Cabin
A Ginger Gardner Jesus Revolution
A Christene Johnson Creed III
A Dan Gardner John Wick: Chapter 4
A Steve T. A Good Person
A Christene Johnson The Super Mario Bros. Movie
A Christene Johnson The Pope’s Exorcist
A Christene Johnson Mafia Mamma
A Christene Johnson Evil Dead Rise
A Christene Johnson Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.
A Dan Gardner Sound of Freedom
A Rob Williams Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One
A Dan Gardner Barbie
A Dan Gardner Bottoms
A Christene Johnson Saw X
A Christene Johnson The Exorcist: Believer
A Christene Johnson After Death
A Dan Gardner The Holdovers
A Rob Williams Anatomy of a Fall
A Steven Blackman Dream Scenario
A Christene Johnson Wish
A Christene Johnson The Shift
A Christene Johnson Migration
A Dana Simone The Color Purple
A- Dan Gardner Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse
A- Christene Johnson Insidious: The Red Door
A- Christene Johnson Last Voyage of the Demeter
A- Rob Williams Gran Turismo
A- Christene Johnson The Nun II
A- Dan Gardner Dumb Money
A- Dan Gardner The Creator
A- Rob Williams The Miracle Club
A- Steven Blackman Dicks: The Musical
A- Dan Gardner What Happens Later
B+ Dan Gardner Paint
B+ Christene Johnson Ruby Gillman, Teenage Kraken
B+ Christene Johnson Talk to Me
B+ Christene Johnson The Retirement Plan
B Dan Gardner 80 for Brady
B Jill Florio Magic Mike’s Last Dance
B Jill Florio Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania
B Dan Gardner Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves
B Christene Johnson His Only Son
B Dan Gardner Air
B Dan Gardner Book Club: The Next Chapter
B Dan Gardner Fast X
B Christene Johnson About My Father
B Christene Johnson The Boogeyman
B Unassigned The Flash
B Dana Simone The Blackening
B Dan Gardner No Hard Feelings
B Christene Johnson Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem
B Christene Johnson Five Nights at Freddy’s
B Christene Johnson Priscilla
B Dan Gardner The Boys in the Boat
B- Ginger Gardner Marlowe
B- Dan Gardner Champions
B- Dan Gardner Renfield
B- Dan Gardner Love Again
B- Dan Gardner Oppenheimer
B- Christene Johnson The Hill
B- Dan Gardner The Equalizer 3
B- Christene Johnson It Lives Inside
B- Dan Gardner Freelance
B- Christene Johnson Inspector Sun
B- Christene Johnson Saltburn
B- Christene Johnson Anyone But You
C+ Dan Gardner Plane
C+ Jill Florio Operation Fortune: Ruse de guerre
C+ Dan Gardner Shazam! Fury of the Gods
C+ Dan Gardner Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant
C+ Dan Gardner Transformers: Rise of the Beasts
C+ Dan Gardner Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny
C+ Dan Gardner A Haunting in Venice
C Christene Johnson MISSING
C Dan Gardner Big George Foreman
C Dan Gardner Asteroid City
C Dan Gardner Haunted Mansion
C Dan Gardner My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3
C- Christene Johnson Scream VI
C- Dan Gardner Beau Is Afraid
C- Dan Gardner Hypnotic
C- Dan Gardner The Little Mermaid
C- Dan Gardner Killers of the Flower Moon
C- Dan Gardner The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes
C- Dan Gardner Silent Night
C- Dan Gardner Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom
D+ Christene Johnson Infinity Pool
D+ Christene Johnson The Machine
D+ Dan Gardner Meg 2: The Trench
D+ Christene Johnson Thanksgiving
D Dan Gardner Kandahar
D Dan Gardner Expend4bles
D Dan Gardner The Marvels
D Dan Gardner Next Goal Wins
D Dan Gardner Napoleon
D Dan Gardner Ferrari
D- Dan Gardner 65
D- Dan Gardner Blue Beetle
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    Through detailed analysis of movie scores from RunPee Peeps, we can see that last year was not a successful year for movies. The numbers clearly show the difficulties that movies have not developed in the past year.

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