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Best Movies to Improve French Easily

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This blog post is for you if you’re wondering what the best movies to improve your French. We’ll go over a list of ten great films that will help you learn and practice your French skills. Most of these movies have been rated highly among critics and audiences alike, so they should be easy to find in any online video store or streaming service. Please keep reading to see our list and pick the best of the best movies to learn French.

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Les Choristes

French films are an art form that can take many different forms, and this classic French movie has been an excellent introduction for beginners. The everyday dialogue will make you feel like your voice is coming out in the speakers’ words and how they’re saying them.


The filmmakers of this film wanted to create a story that would leave its audience feeling happier than when they first arrived. The main character, Mathieu, starts up his choir to guide students through life and help them on their way towards success by teaching more about themselves in the process.

Le Roi Et L’oiseau

Viewers will be captivated from beginning to end by the many hilarious moments and adorable characters in this French fairytale. The lessons that are taught can also help newer learners grasp basic grammar knowledge in a fun way.


Though it might seem a little funny on first impressions, this classic animation makes excellent use of physical comedy to tell its story. Expect an evil king with fantastic creatures and witty dialogue in both languages if you opt for the French movie “Le Roi des cerfs” (The King Of Deer.)


Amélie is a great movie that follows the story of an imaginative girl living in Paris. She wants to bring happiness into everyone’s lives and does so by simply being herself with her vivid imagination-a very endearing quality indeed.


The characters constantly try to outdo one another by coming up with witty responses in this French movie. They also have a lot of fun, but there is always sadness behind their laughter because everyone in Paris has something going for them, except maybe Meursault (the main character.) Since he doesn’t socialize much at all when you’re not on trial or being executed.


It is a French film with an exciting twist. Based on the widely celebrated graphic novel of that same name, Persepolis tells the story of Marjane Satrapi and her experiences growing up in Iran during its Islamic Revolution. It is both as seen through animation visuals that are slow-paced yet thoughtful; dialogue mirrors this style so you can understand more easily without feeling overwhelmed by it all. It may not be everyone’s cup o’ tea, but there has been a significant buzz among critics about how beautifully done ‘Persepolis’ was.

Le Dîner De Cons

The French movie “Delivery Man” is about a group of friends who set out to find the most demanding guy they can, and it has some funny moments. The plot doesn’t have anything complicated that would make it difficult for more advanced speakers, but there are pretty challenging words in this dialogue, so even these people will struggle with its meaning.

Le Père Noël Est Une Ordure

This French film is a Christmas classic, telling the story of two volunteers working at their suicide hotline during this festive period. It has been said to have one-liners that are so witty they’ll make your jaw drop open. Look no further because we’ve got everything here just waiting for you if you’re looking for an advanced lesson in learning phrases from these scenes and using them as conversation starters with friends or family abroad.

Wrap It Up

Suppose you’ve been looking for new ways to learn French. We hope that after reading this article about watching movies and TV in the original language of France with subtitles or dubbed into English (or any other foreign language), it’s made your brain cells crave knowledge. Our advice: mix learning techniques like native speaker recordings while also supplementing them with classes from top universities where they teach real-life applications, which will help cement everything learned on paper.

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