RunPee is Tweeting Too Hard

We found a cute Tweet meme called TweetingtooHard and wanted to be a part of it. Basically, it’s a application where people submit boastful, self-serving, backpatting tweets.

Here is Dan’s beaut:

RunPee: “Trying real hard to keep it humble.But 15,900 results for Googling “RunPee Genius” is making it difficult.”


We’re at Number Three in the What’s Hot category and gunning for number one. Help us show just how self-aggrandizing we can be by giving us a few more pats on the back:

Yes, take me to TweetingtooHard so I can help stroke your insignificant ego! <———

All we have to say is: BWAHAHAHA.

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Free Potty Training Kit to help “Borderline” Diaper-Wearing Kids

You’re just on the verge of toilet days, and ready to leave the diapers behind for good. You hope. Planning how to dress the behind of your young toddlers when going out can be irksome. You wonder whether they’re ready for the “big boy pants” at the new G-Force movie or GI Joe. pampers giveaway

Pampers is here to help to help you over the peeing hump with a free Potty Training Kit Giveaway!

We at RunPee hope this freebie item might help you get to enjoy seeing movies with your children. Grab your goodie, print out a few free PeeTimes (or use your iPhone RunPee app) and prepare to actually sit and watch a film with your child. Let us know how it works!

Buy a Lifesize Urinary Bladder with Two Kidneys

bladder and kidney kit from amazon.comIf you’ve ever wondered just WHERE you could get yourself your very own life-size bladder and kidney replica, look no more. We’ve found it for you at

These babies are “natural sized” and look just like what you carry around inside your torso (we assume). Also includes ureters, adrenal glands, a prostate of your very own and handy organ support base. The right kidney is even pre- sectioned for you!

You can take this bladder and hold it in your hand. Just think of how powerful you will feel.

What a superb gift for all your friends. We’re getting one for the office!

Buy this absolutely amazing, highquality Bladder and Kidney set from Amazon: Urinary Organs; Kidney and Bladder; Natural Size

Movie review : Orphan


RunPee - PeeTimes link

PeeTimes for Orphan are up. Our reviewer told us there is only one decent PeeTime (35 minutes in), so we suggest using that as a proactive pee break. That way you can enjoy the non-stop second half of the movie! CREEPY!


What do you think about Orphan? Share your thoughts about the movie in the comments below.

Why We’re Not RunPoo

A few RunPee fans have asked why we don’t list PooTimes, or wondered why we don’t start a sister site about pooping during movies. I know it’s all in good fun, but to answer a silly question seriously, we really think that if you have to RunPoo during a film, it’s probably pretty urgent. You are going to go anyway. And you are probably going to go as soon as you hear nature’s call, movie break or no movie break. The Colon - wikipedia creative commons

There are two kinds of poo – the immediate kind that can’t wait (what did you eat earlier, anyway?), and the regular ‘movement’ kind that can probably hold out for the end of the movie and – hopefully – your own toilet. 🙂

For moms with kids in the theater, poo needs do take on a third kind of meaning: the kind that is a regular movement, but located in a person with little to no bowel control. Yes, your toddlers and young kids. It’s like needing a really long PeeTime.

For those moms and dads, we suggest you arm yourself with our RunPee iPhone app, or print off a list of PeeTimes from the website – and make the best of it. 🙂

RunPee FAQ Updated

urinary bladder from wikipediaThings are happening fast behind the scenes here at RunPee Central, so it was high time to update our RunPee FAQ Page.

We added information on our new RunPee iPhone app, on other Smartphone apps a-brewing for you, and added links to useful stuff like how we make a PeeTime. As in exactly how we do it; there’s certainly an aquired knack and if you want to make PeeTimes, you can do what we do to not get tossed from the screening room!

Anything else you’d like to see added to the FAQ page? Please comment and let us know – we’re here to serve you and your bladder.

RunPee FAQ Page

How to Use PeeTimes at

movie theater - wikipedia creative commonsWe often get people wondering how to use RunPee properly as movie breaks. For using the website itself (if you don’t have the iPhone app), it’s really very easy to be armed with proper PeeTimes at the movie theater, and relax…knowing you won’t waste your theater ticket money by leaving at inopportune moments.

You can be sure you won’t miss anything hugely important…and if you print out the PeeTimes to take with you, you won’t have to worry about spoilers.

Seven Easy Steps for Using PeeTimes –

  • Go to and select the movie you plan to watch.
  • Read through the PeeTime cues – the parts we tell you to watch for. You’ll have to remember the cues later. For example, if our cue says, “Dumbledore says: off to bed, pip pip,” then remember to keep an eye/ear out for Dumblore saying, “off to bed, pip pip.”
  • Don’t “unscramble” the parts you’ll miss on the website when reading for cues. If you are spoiler-phobic, it’s not time to read those yet.
  • Print out your PeeTimes and bring them with you to the movie theater.
  • When your PeeTime cue comes up, leave for the potty with your printed PeeTimes paper in your pocket.
  • Do your business, and read about the non-crucial movie part you’re missing (now magically unscrambled). Instant bathroom reading!
  • Return to your seat, knowing that you haven’t missed anything important to the plot. You’re clued in to what you missed. You don’t have to lean over and ask anyone what is going on! Never again!

Of course, if you have an iPhone, our RunPee App (for 99 cents) makes things even easier. And we are working behind the scenes on apps for Nokia, Blackberry and Android. Here at, we DO give a piss! 😉

The Pee Pee Bottle for Toddlers and RunPee Users

I so want a Pee Pee Bottle. I saw this online and thought to myself, “self, what you need is a pot to piss in/bottle to pee in.” I know it’s for children, but HEY, they come in pink or blue and say “Pee Pee” on them. They look easy enough for a gal to use. I can’t speak for grown men, but I know this could help out the ladies:

  • on long cross country drives
  • at nasty gas station bathrooms on said long cross country drives
  • when trapped on a bus in Mexico going from Mazatlan to Durango when the bathroom is broken and you seriously have to go (I hear this can happen)
  • in the middle of the night, in a tent in Minnesota, where the mosquitoes are waiting for your bare butt and you can’t sleep because you, again, seriously have to run pee

My Pee Pee Bottle graphic
We here at applaud this kind of innovation. Actually, we’ve been thinking of offering a RunPee bottle of our own. It would be Gatorade Yellow (the better to hide whether it contains pee pee) and read, “Because a Bladder is a Terrible Thing to Hold.” What you choose to do with the bottle is up to you, of course. Maybe ask the concession clerks to fill it up with Mountain Dew and take it in the theaters? Just saying.

I do think the Pee Pee Bottle would be a nice help for moms at movie theaters. You get your PeeTimes from RunPee and casually stroll to the ladies room, child in tow, avoiding the whole germy worry about clean restroom seats.

You can even get the bottles customized with your child’s name! Or your name! Perfect for bladders in need. As the website states, “At this time, My Pee Pee Bottle® stands alone! Nothing compares to My Pee Pee Bottle®, Nothing!”

Here’s a link to the use instructionsfor My Pee Pee Bottle:
Want A Less Stressful Public Restroom Experience With Your Toddler?

Have fun experimenting, and someone, for the love of God, please get me my own pink, customized Pee Pee Bottle for Christmas.

More Bladder Control Products at

Are Modern Movies Too Long?

Bladder Bursting Blockbusters – are modern movies too long?

As Alfred Hitchcock said, “The length of a film should be directly related to the endurance of the human bladder.” Beautifully said and appropriate for most films. wikipedia creative commons film photo

The above-linked Yahoo News Story lists wonderful films clocking in at 90 minutes – Star Wars, Raiders of the Lost Ark – films that would have foundered at longer lengths (like their very own sequels/prequels, actually). Hitchcock wisdom aside, I ‘m not sure 90 minutes is the magic minute number for all films.

The Lord of the Rings films are, inarguably, verrrrry loooong. But the Lord of the Rings book is thousands of pages! Thousands. That trilogy needs the length to explain things properly, and still many of the movie version’s storylines are compressed. Tom Bombadill was eliminated as a plot point – which I am okay with, granted – but when favorite characters like Faramir and Theoden get short shrift, it irks. The poignantly dark story of Denethor was reduced to a joke. Saruman’s film farewell was just unfortunate, compared to his kick-ass denoument in the novel. My point is, the movies could have been even longer in this case, but not shorter.

Titanic was also very well told, despite the seemingly-excessive screen time. It’s a clean story with a good pace; I would have hated to miss any of it. Titanic is long, yes, but somehow stays fresh with every viewing.

The Color Purple is another classic long film without fat. Shawshank Redemption fills its running time nicely; The Abyss is just about right…so, not every long film is a tedious bore.

wikipedia creative commons peter jacksonBut then there are the films that really could have – nay, should have – been shorter. Peter Jackson, fresh off the Oscar success of Lord of the Rings, was granted much too much leeway to directorially dictate King Kong.

Jackson’s overweening Kong story clunks along with frequent gratuitious interludes, like the psychotic bug swamp gross-fest. By the time the gorilla gets to NYC, you’ve long since stopped caring about anyone but the girl, and you wish Jack Black would just die already.

Did you know King Kong is actually the movie that inspired the creation of RunPee in the first place?

We really should make an award for that.

So what is the answer? Besides being armed with a list of good PeeTimes?

Well, directors should hire excellent film editors, for a start – people who know when a story starts to sag but don’t keep you breathless for the whole ride, either. A movie like The Bourne Identity got it right – not slow, but not exhausting. Aliens got it right and so did Pitch Black (even though, once again, their sequels forgot how to tell their stories properly). Finding Nemo is just about perfect. Australia didn’t get it right: sitting through it feels like watching three unrelated, rather tedious films.

What movies do you think are too long? Is it only epic and adventure films that suffer from poor editing? What movies do you think got it right?