Data Sings Scanning for Lifeforms on Star Trek Generations

data generations sings scanning for lifeforms song

I don’t apologize for putting this song in your head. Data’s earned it after these years, sitting barely utilized at Ops.

I can’t get this out of my head after a Star Trek: Generations movie rewatch, so I’m putting it in yours. Data inserts his long-unused emotion chip from the Star Trek the Next Generation series. The chip has mixed audience results. But the best part, aside from an emotional reunion with Spot, is his joy in being asked to do what he does best on the Enterprise bridge: scanning for lifeforms.

As a creative android even before the chip (see: Ode to Spot), I crack up every time I think about this. If you’re rewatching the TNG movies to get up to date with the Star Trek Picard CBS All-Access TV show, don’t skip Generations. It’s better after a few decades have passed. Really.

Here are the lyrics to this earworm.

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Scanning For Lifeforms


You tiny little Lifeforms.

You precious little Lifeforms.

Where are you? (Cha cha cha cha cha, CHA!)

It doesn’t come across that exciting on paper, so here is Data being playful as he scans, earning mass confusion from Riker and the crew. Seriously, watch this with Data first, and then again to catch Riker, Deanna, and the extras react.

Also, notice that Worf isn’t fazed by this bit of weirdness. He even nods in appreciation at the end. What a great, almost unnoticed character moment.

Then keep playing it to drive everyone around you crazy. I can’t stop giggling. Word on the internet says Spiner ad-libbed this, and those are the cast’s actual reactions. It’s the best part of Star Trek Generations, besides the crashing of one semi-important capital ship. Enjoy!

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