daniel craig bond die another day

Every Time Die was in the title of a James Bond Film

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daniel craig bond die another day
Bond can never die. He just keeps respawning. Just ask Sean Connery!

We’ve got the “last” Bond film with Daniel Craig coming out in early April. Of course, DIE is in the title. This is a recognizable Bond thing. But how many 007 movies really have die in the title after all? Let’s take a look.

Live and Let Die (1970)

I can’t complain about the film that started the Die TrendLive and Let Die, with its weirdo voodoo, deep-south characters straight out of the TV original  Dukes of Hazzard, New Orleans creepiness, and a Tarot Master Bond Girl that wasn’t completely helpless makes for a fantastic rewatch every time. Plus, we have a perfect Beatles song to frame the proceedings, titled, aptly, Live and Let Die.

To be honest, this is my favorite James Bond film. ( I also loved Moonraker, so my tastes might be subjective.)

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Bond: Roger Moore, in a great freshman outing I cannot deny.

Movie Grade: A 

Too much fun not to include here: 


Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

I honestly don’t remember the Bond gap between Roger Moore and Daniel Craig. Ooops. Doesn’t say much for poor Pierce, whom I’d been rooting for 007 status for a decade. I think it was just too late by then for me. Also, I expected he would bring the easygoing warmth and smugness he made a name from in the 80s TV show Remington Steel…but no. He was way too serious and bored me. Bond needs charm. Bummer. Next!

Bond: Pierce Brosnan’s second outing as Bond. He goes to China with Bond Girl Michelle Yeoh.

Grade: No idea. You tell me. 

Die another Day (2002)

I don’t know. I was already turned off by his Bond. This is the one with Halley Berry. There’s Cuba, and North Korea, and a diamond mogul funding the development of an international space weapon.

Bond: Brosnan again. Sigh.

Grade: Probably in the C range. 

No Time to Die (2020)

Who doesn’t love Daniel Craig’s turn at 007? Reportedly, this is his last outing as the secret agent, pulled out of retirement for one last job. So they say…

I have no worries about his career: after a scene-stealing performance in 2019’s Knives Out and a hysterical turn in Logan Lucky, I fear not for this intrepid actor’s future. Good for him.

Bond: Daniel Craig

Grade: To be added in April — can’t wait!

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