Best of British Biographies – Liam Neeson

Over six feet tall, deep voice with a Celtic accent, had a variety of occupations before becoming an actor, and is renowned for playing tough guys. No, not Sean Connery but Liam Neeson. He’s an inch taller than Sir Sean was and is Irish rather than a Scot. His previous career options included driving a […]


Movie Review – Blacklight

Yuck. I didn’t like this movie at all. Let me start by saying it absolutely was not Liam Neeson’s fault. He performed just like always. He’s Liam. Always fun to watch because of his skillset, but even with his skills the movie was tedious, boring, and choppy. By choppy I mean the movie starts and […]

Bruce Willis for rent: CHEAP

Bruce Willis is scheduled to be in TEN movies coming out 2022, and none of them are in the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). I’d love to know why he is making so many movies of dubious quality: bills to pay, lost a bet, trying to increase his IMDb Filmography score? Why Bruce? Why? And it’s […]


Movie Review – Honest Thief

I can’t recommend seeing Honest Thief; not even on DVD/streaming someday; it offers nothing to the genre worth sitting through. The story is painfully predictable. The characters are cardboard. The acting is uninspired. I can’t fault the actors. There’s not much they could do with this plot and dialog. Spoilers ahead: Here’s an example of […]

Movie Review – Cold Pursuit – Liam Neeson Does Action Right

If you like the Coen Brothers, you’ll love Cold Pursuit. This movie runs circles around Liam’s other ‘particular set of skills’ flicks. The well-placed humor that you usually see in the Coen films is refreshing, and sometimes really funny. Sure, we get plenty of head banging “shooting at point blank range” bloody snow scenes to […]

Movie Review – The Commuter

It’s strange: I did really enjoy this movie while watching it, and felt entertained immediately afterwards. But by the time I got home, the good stuff was already fading, and I was left with a lot of improbable plotting and endless images of Liam Neeson walking up and down train cars, having uninteresting and random […]