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RunPee Weekly Newsletter 37th edition (November 25th, 2020)

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Horror! Thanksgiving! Movie Review -- Derelicts

 Horror! Thanksgiving! Movie Review — Derelicts

Yes kids, there are indeed slasher Thanksgiving movies out there. There’s some real weirdness in Derelicts. Don’t ask me about wearing a Teddy Bear on your face for the big turkey dinner, and we’ll all get along just fine.

Worth streaming this Thanksgiving Week for horror buffs seeking something unusual and definitely — forgive the pun — unsavory. Give it a look.

Movie Grade: C+

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RunPee News

The Croods New Movie this week: The Croods

I’m going to see The Croods Thursday (Thanksgiving) at 2:00 PM Eastern. I should have Peetimes posted around 5:00 PM. Assuming all goes well. It’s COVID. Who knows.

Everyone enjoy your Thanksgiving and please stay safe.

Every Harry Potter Film, Ranked Every Harry Potter Film, Ranked

Somehow, a rewatch of Harry Potter during the Halloween-Christmas stretch fits together like pumpkin juice and treacle tarts.

A subjective ranking of all current Wizarding films (including Fantastic Beasts I & II). Can you guess the worst movie? Do you agree with my favorites?

Ten Points to your House if you comment on this article. Accio movie list!


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Science Fiction Indie Movie Review - Expulsion Science Fiction Indie Movie Review – Expulsion

If you’ve got even a passing interest in science fiction, you should have heard of the multiverse theory. You know, that theory that says there are an infinite number of universes where every alternative is played out — down to you toss a coin and get heads in this universe, but tails in another.This kind of mind bending work has been done elsewhere, as in *Sliding Doors* (a very fine film). Here’s a decent new tale to add to your list, for all the multiverse completists out there.
Grade: C+

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Supernatural Indie Movie Review: They Reach Supernatural Indie Movie Review: They Reach

Can’t get enough Stranger Things? This homage should be right up your 1970s alley. We’re going to be generous and assume it’s a loving send up, and not a rip off. It’s also a freaky bit of fun.
Grade: C+

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Drama Indie Movie Review – All Joking Aside Drama Indie Movie Review – All Joking Aside

What we have here is a drama about a female comedian trying to make it as a stand up in the comedy clubs of NYC. Very enjoyable, from cringing highs to jubilant lows. Just watch it.
Grade: B+

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Fantasy Indie Movie Review – Emily and the Magical Journey Fantasy Indie Movie Review – Emily and the Magical Journey

This full length live-action fantasy looks pretty good, and if you appreciate magic, fairies, Jim Henson type characters, and quest plots, you and the kids will appreciate this charming high fantasy. We’re thankful for anything in this genre that doesn’t suck!
Grade: A solid B

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